Singer Danko is struggling with her disease

Певец Данко борется с болезнью дочери

Popular Russian singer Danko deals with the treatment of her 3-year-old daughter Agatha, whose birth is cerebral palsy. The singer and his wife Natalia not give up and try to ease the life of the child. This time they turned to alternative medicine – acupuncture and special water procedures. According to Danko, the methods of rehabilitation have begun to bear fruit, and the baby every day becomes better. Although the chances for a full recovery, unfortunately, no.

Alexander Fadeev, acting under the pseudonym Danko, feels modern methods of rehabilitation for his youngest daughter. Agatha was diagnosed with a secondary form of cerebral palsy immediately after birth. The girl for three years, but her condition is unsatisfactory. Though the singer with his wife doing everything possible to restore the state of the daughter. Agatha’s mother constantly carries her in different rehabilitation centres across the country, going over literature with the new medicine, and even learned to make a special invigorating massage.
Recently, the family decided to move away from traditional methods and to try traditional medicine. Danko with his wife appealed to the well-known Moscow centre of Chinese medicine to the unconventional treatment. He was recommended to undergo Agatha a course of acupuncture. Artist assured that now is the best technique that allows to bring up a child with cerebral palsy.
His trip to China center and the procedure of acupuncture star couple was broadcast live on Instagram. The followers noted that Danko is a very caring father and husband. He gently said and comforted my daughter during medical procedures, and also had my favorite: wore Shoe covers on your feet, supported with a Bathrobe and holding her hand all the time.
Baby Agatha during acupuncture remained undaunted and did not cry. Apparently, the procedure is truly positive effect on the child, relaxing muscles and bringing them the necessary tone.
Natalia noted that the procedure helps daughter and she sees the results. Moreover, it turns out that the family went on vacation to the mountains and took the baby. According to Danko, Agatha with interest examined the surrounding nature and a smile that can do not all children with cerebral palsy.