Певец Данко затаил обиду на Жанну Фриске The performer openly spoke about their relationship with colleagues in show business. According to Danko, a celebrity in no hurry to go to meet him and to help her daughter Agatha. Over the years, the singer remembered a nasty incident involving deceased Jeanne Friske.

Singer Danko is the father of three of Agatha, which was diagnosed with multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy. The girl constantly needs expensive medical procedures. Recently, the artist helped the footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Sportsman pay the January the rehabilitation of the girl, and also helped other charity Fund “Gift angel”. The gratitude of the artist and his wife Natalya was not the limit.

Dmitry Tarasov has paid for the treatment of a sick daughter Danko

In a recent interview with Danko said that faced with an ambiguous reaction of the public after the help of Tarasova. Some social media users still can’t forget made a lot of noise separation player with TV presenter Olga Buzova and consider him guilty in the divorce. Danko stood up for the athlete, stating that she, unlike her ex-husband does not help him, and on the set of one TV show singer and not allowed to star.

“Now Buzova became a star, approached her on the set of a talk show, to be photographed thought, and I was her guard was immediately put in place. But before we communicated well always. (…) Hangers Buzova, as soon as I saw the photo with Dima Tarasov, immediately began to write nasty things. And what did he do? Few can with such a man as His, to live, even with all its popularity. Tarasov was a good person, unlike her” – said the singer.

As it turned out, Danko took offense not only at Olga Buzova. In the past, the artist was an unpleasant incident with Jeanne Friske. According to the artist, the stars of show business communicate only with those with whom beneficial.

“Zhanna Friske, the dead do not talk bad, but remember how close we talked for a tour together went. And once arrived to the party, I flew on all of the charts, I was not let in. Look Jeanne in the VIP, I said to her, “Hey, Jeanne, tell her I’m with you.” She turned away and then continued to have fun. For me it’s then a blow was,” shared the actor.

Celebrities with millions of subscribers, said Danko, not in a hurry to go to meet him and to place the posts on Agatha. The only person who tried to help the artist, turned businessman and singer Andrei Kovalev. He had the nancial support, allocated funds for a massage for his daughter. According to Danko, one procedure cost five thousand rubles, and all of them had to be at least five times a week, writes Sobesednik.ru.