Певец Данко привел подросшую дочь на телевидение The artist appeared with a two-year Agatha on set of the TV show. Singer Danko is an inspiration to other parents who are in a similar situation. The musician tries to tell about how they, along with the civil wife fighting for the life and health of the baby.

      Певец Данко привел подросшую дочь на телевидение

      In June 2014 singer Alexander Fadeev, better known under the pseudonym Danko, became a father for the second time. However, little Agatha immediately after birth put a disappointing diagnosis – cerebral palsy. Despite the pessimistic forecasts of doctors, Alexander together with his civil wife Natalia fighting for daughter’s life to the last. The girl’s father talks openly about the trouble. In the Studio of the program “About love” actor brought daughter Agatha. The parents of a little girl shared her progress. Agatha can feed himself from a bottle, although doctors believed that the child will have to feed through a tube, inserting the tube directly into the stomach. The choice of the artist showed how the baby eats.

      “Not very smoothly it goes, you can feed, and it all will turn out. What about lunch, Breakfast or dinner and return back”, – said Natalia.
      Певец Данко привел подросшую дочь на телевидение

      “The nose is very unpleasant, he continued to comment on Danko when she suddenly choked on a mixture, – see, she can’t breathe”.

      Parents already got used to cope with a crying baby – they turn her on her stomach, rocking on his knees. After that, the girl calms down and stops acting up.

      Певец Данко привел подросшую дочь на телевидение

      Long mother of the artist did not take “special” granddaughter and didn’t even want to meet her. However, in the beginning of the year Yelena Ilinskaya finally saw the girl. Now she began to be more loyal to the choice of his son to raise daughter, suffering from cerebral palsy.

      Singer Danko: “My daughter will forever remain a disabled person”

      “It was their decision, you never know what I’d do. If it was many years ago, I would not have taken on this burden. I had a lot of activities and interests, and to enslave I could not,” admitted Elias.

      Певец Данко привел подросшую дочь на телевидение

      The mother of the singer Danko said that more time granddaughter Sonya and see her she is not allowed to do, permanent employment, and distance from their home. The actor admitted that during the week he and elder daughter live in the center of Moscow, and on weekends they come into the house, where Natalie and Agata.

      The couple are happy that their brave struggle for life and health of the girls has become an example for many families, faced with a similar situation.