Певица Дакота мечтала о смерти из-за послеродовой депрессии The actress made a sensational recognition. According to Dakota, she faced tremendous psychological pressure after the birth of her daughter. The problem was so serious that the young woman dreamed about death.
Певица Дакота мечтала о смерти из-за послеродовой депрессии

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky six months ago became parents for the first time. They have a daughter, who eventually named MIA. It seemed that the young woman is incredibly happy. The singer has often posted pictures of her husband and daughter, hiding their true feelings.

Just now Dakota have decided to tell about the terrible postpartum depression with which she was faced. As it turned out, the artist even dreamed of death due to surging at her longing.

“Depression is when you live a happy, sincere smile, shoot vlogs. And here they sit on Bali, next to a beautiful, healthy baby breathing in the crib, beloved husband out the window floating in the pool, alive and healthy mommy cleans the kitchen mango, you have money on the card. That’s just you looking at the sky and say, “Lord, why didn’t I die at birth? How I wish to die”… And in the next second, list everything that you have, and others have abandoned single mothers from the provinces no, you see shots of sick children, read about the collection of money and hate myself for it discouraged even more, and it’s a vicious circle,” – said Rita.

According to the singer, she had gathered her thoughts to tell fans about the problem. A young woman only recently managed to cope with depression and again to love life.

Dakota decided to write a post on Instagram in order to maintain the fans, which may be in a similar situation. She said she was ready for criticism, but on the contrary, many fans praised the star for his courage. “Rita, you are done. Ran into a terrible postpartum depression and know how hard it is”, “This also happens: everything seems to be fine. And the money is there and the house full Cup, and the longing and rolls”, “But now you have a beautiful baby, happiness in his personal life. This is the most important,” – shared their views subscribers artist.

A little later Rita revealed the cause of her depression. As it turned out, the artist for many years harbored a grudge against the father, and because of this I couldn’t even think about the baby. “The first time when he spoke to me about children not in the key some dreams about the future, but really, about the “now” standing near the trash with my pack of contraceptives, I didn’t sleep all night. That night probably was my personal starting point in a new Chapter of life,” said Dakota.

According to the young woman, she never thought about the reasons for existing systems. However, only in a relationship with Sokolovsky she realized that she wanted to create a full family. Later in therapy sessions, the actress admitted that the cause of her personal problems are rooted in long-standing conflict with his father.

“Now, when I managed to get out of this moral state, and I see clearly each and every reason I want to share this story from the beginning. And ready to do this, as difficult as it is, and as much as my heart pounded in my temples,” he said.

Fans are confident that despite a difficult period, Dakota will be able to find happiness again. They do not get tired to admire the touching relationship Rita and Vlad. According to fans, it is the love of Sokolov and were able to bring a young mother from severe depression.