Певца Криса Брауна отпустили под залог

American singer Chris brown was temporarily released. The actor posted bail in the amount of 250 thousand dollars, and on September 20, appointed by the court, which will pronounce his sentence.

We will remind that on the eve of a certain model and aspiring actress (so she is positioning herself) Bailey Curran was at a party at the home of Chris. According to her, she was just admiring some diamond choker, and never touched it, when she was approached by a friend of the artist. Entered into a quarrel guests came to separate the owner of the house. According to the girl, he pulled out a gun and began to threaten her with them, driving her from his house. Bailey was so scared for his life that is still some time to wait at the entrance until she will make a phone left in the house of a celebrity. Personal belongings Curran made together with the confidentiality agreement, which she refused to sign. Bailey said as ran out into the street and almost a quarter have fled, fearing pursuit. Seeing that no one pursues. Curran called the police.
According to insiders, the police found in the house of Chris’s drugs and weapons. Most alarming in this moment at his house was his little daughter Royalty.
Released from the police station Chris has already posted some videos, which calls charges Curran a lie and the woman’s desire popiaritsya on its famous name.
But against Chris plays and the fact that this is not the first accusation of violence. So, in January of this year, the artist was accused of beating a certain Listen Guttierez who disobeyed the guards and snuck into Chris’s house where the party took place, the cellphone. The girl wanted to take a moment to shoot a celebrity, but brown noticed it, took the phone and hit her right eye.

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