Певица Гречка отказалась выступать на одном фестивале с Земфирой The singer, known under the name of Buckwheat, has a grudge against Zemfira, who expressed criticism of her work. As it turned out, the idol of young people decided to perform at the music festival, which was also invited the legendary singer of the song “Arivederchi”.
Певица Гречка отказалась выступать на одном фестивале с Земфирой

41-year-old Carey could hardly assume that her communication with fans will result in the scandal had such an impact. A few weeks ago a popular actress criticized idols — Minutochku and Buckwheat. Especially got the last one Ufa star was accused of lack of talent and repulsive appearance.

“Buckwheat is very bad. Horrible voice and looks. Is difficult to perceive — not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly,” wrote the singer in a social network.
Певица Гречка отказалась выступать на одном фестивале с Земфирой

Then Buckwheat found the strength to thank opponent for criticism. “Thank you, Zemfira, for her opinion. I love her work and respect as a person,” said the singer.

It would seem that the conflict was over. But it now appears that the young actress refused to take part in the popular music festival.

“Buckwheat told the organizers that he would not compete in Sochi “its reasons”, — told the “StarHit” source. On further calls and messages of the organizers of the event, she and her management just does not answer all the questions ignored. Although the arrangement from the Live Fest has been a long time and issues are addressed at a high level. Perhaps the refusal to participate in the event associated with the scandal that erupted after the statements of Zemfira in the young performer”.

Apparently, Buckwheat is afraid to encounter the legendary singer, and live to hear her insulting words. The actress has not commented on his refusal to participate in the event.

By the way, fans of Buckwheat rather sharply reacted to criticism Zemfira. They noted that the singer has no right to discuss someone else’s appearance, calling someone is not attractive. However, there were also those who supported friend Renata Litvinova, agreeing with her sharp remarks.

Anyway, fans are confident that Buckwheat will not be able long to hide from Zemfira, which means sooner or later two stars of different generations to face backstage.