Singer Bianca getting married

Певица Бьянка выходит замуж As it turned out, the singer is going to change their marital status. Bianca posted a photo of an engagement ring and then showed a harmony with the chosen one. Fiance artist was guitarist Roman Bezrukov.
Певица Бьянка выходит замуж

32-year-old singer Bianca told fans the happy news. The singer shared on social networks picture, which depicted a wedding ring. «Yeah!”– wrote the artist, adding to the post a few hearts. Fiance star became a guitarist Roman Bezrukov, with whom she meets.

Social media users congratulated the couples and wished them all the best. “Good for you”, “Cheers”, “do not swallow you the way of life”, “Wow, super”, “Cool”, “I Have the same ring”, “What happiness”, “Love and harmony”, “Beautiful, smart and talented children”, “the best wedding”, “the day has come,” was discussed on the Internet.

Певица Бьянка выходит замуж

Reading the reaction of fans, Bianca decided to thank them for the warm wishes. The actress posted a picture together with the choice, and publicly appealed to the subscribers. “Thank you all for the congratulations,” wrote the singer. Followers Bianchi found that they with the Novel look great together. “You’re the best”, “When’s the wedding?”, “Like”, “Happiness to you”, – commented on the Internet.

Певица Бьянка выходит замуж

News of the engagement was not a surprise for fans of Bianchi. The singer shared on Instagram with posts devoted to the second half. So, in August of last year, the artist published a joint photo with the Novel, taken on the beach. «Miss!”– that touching and concise signature Bianca escorted the frame. Then the fans expressed the hope that the lovers will soon legalize the relationship. “Suit each other. It’s time the registry office”, “would Like to see your wedding,” said users of social networks.

Over a long period of time Bianca chose not to advertise, Dating. Fans guessed that the actress is in a relationship, but she did not shed light on speculation of the public. Only last year the singer has unveiled the identity of the chosen one.

Earlier, Bianca was attributed novels with musician Nikita Legostaev, better known as Stim, and with rapper earrings. In the middle of the two thousandth, the artist took part in record of albums of Sergey Parkhomenko. For the sake of cooperation with the performer of a hit “Black Bumer” Bianca decided to refuse participation in the Eurovision song contest.

In 2016, the artist recorded the song “the Roof” together with Sergey, and then went out and the video for this track. The song enjoyed success with the public. Stars nominated in the category “Duet of the year” award of the channel MusicBox.