Певица и автор песен Марина Табри сделала фотосессию в стиле НЮ
Nude Marina Tabri appeared in the illustration to the poem “Night and Day”.

Певица и автор песен Марина Табри сделала фотосессию в стиле НЮ

As you know, Marina is not only a songwriter in the style of pop, folk and post-rock, but also a talented poet. Not so long ago, to illustrate their new poem “Day and night”, she took part in a photo shoot called “the universe”.
Rhinestones on the body of the singer represent the stars, and the blue silk of boundless space. The photo is quite erotic, but at the same time delicate and highly on to become no less beautiful poems.

Night black shawl covered
And,the silence engulfing,
A sad song started up,
Heart sad tune

Listened to the quiet trees
A song of unrequited love,
Timidly whispered, wishing
If comfort could

Tears in the eyes seemed
Head bowed low,
The dark Night could not resist,
Rain drops dropping

“Heavy heart”, he screams in pain
“My place-where the shadow
I come – it takes
Honey Day

I’m alone in the dark
Expect to me he comes,
But my time is running out,
When he stands at the gate

So we’re going in circles
Months, years, centuries…
From thirst for love exhausted,
Love only from afar”

Sadly nature listened
Heart of the night sadness
And quiet longing hug
The night, disappearing into the distance

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