Певица Anastasia Stone выпустила новый клип
On account of the young performer of original songs named Anastasia Stone, winning numerous vocal competitions and eight in the Grand Prix.

Певица Anastasia Stone выпустила новый клип

Not so long ago she presented a clip for the song “a Glass of dry red”, which became a real decoration on her career.

In the new work, shot in the interiors of expensive restaurants, is a story of a strong girl who knows how to love and forgive, to let go of past memories and move forward.

Not coincidentally, the key phrase of this track are words I’m not afraid, because life is beautiful!

The track turned out sensitive, and it is bright and very effective, so, naturally, he got a good response among fans.

Today the singer has about 20 tracks and we are working to create new compositions, whose names are Anastasia Stone prefers not to disclose.

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