Певица Алсу поделилась с поклонниками сокровенным секретом New clip of a celebrity on the song “say something” received more than 700 thousand views on YouTube. The filming took place in the UAE. Work Alsou was the first after a long break, arranged by a star for the family. Fans of the actress not seen her new works since December of 2016.

Recently, the singer Alsu for the first time presented a new video for the song “say something”. The music was written by Daria Kuznetsova, and words – the wife of Dmitry Rogozin Tatyana, who wrote the hits for Alexander Marshall and Abraham Russo. By the time of this writing the video has gained more than 790 million views on YouTube.

“Talk to me for some – the cry of the soul, for others – a way to overcome, for some people, memories… This song is so different. And its perception depends on the state in which you are at this particular moment. In some it brings tears, others hear in it a call to fight, others begin to dance to it, and someone is immersed in thinking about what happened, how it was and will be… this is my dirty little secret “talk to me”! It is life itself, is such different, complex, and beloved at the same time!” – explained the star on Instagram the success of the new work.

Video shooting took place in Dubai. In the new clip, Lil Wayne appeared in an image of the artist and the glossy beauty magazine covers. The star tried on a black jumpsuit with a bold neckline and mini dress decorated with several layers of fringe. Most fans Alsou was delighted with her new job. According to them, the singer looks amazing. “Do not change with the years…”, “Super hit”, “delicious As always and beautiful”, “Gorgeous”, “I Downloaded the song and listen to every day”, “Finally”, – commented on the fans of a celebrity.

“StarHit” contacted one of the authors of a new song Alsou Daria Kuznetsova. With the singer introduced her Tatyana Rogozin, who worked with the artist on the song “Warm love”. She told me that she plans to write for a celebrity’s do another one. Without thinking, Kuznetsov agreed. Daria had the opportunity to collaborate with Zara, Sogdiana, Natalie and Sultan Hurricane Alexander, SOA and Arthur Bascom. In addition, she composes classical music.

“Alsu is an absolute star, very talented. Anyone wants to work with her. Really like all authors, without exception. But Alsu ready to work not with each of them. She is very selective and in no hurry to cooperate with unknown authors, – said Daria with “StarHit”. – One of the poems Tatiana prompted me to write a song for Alsu. This dynamic and emotional song has become the singer for something new, kind of out of the comfort zone. This is my working principle. I don’t want to stamp what has already been created for artists, and to do something new, songs that they can’t wait.”

Communication with Alsu held remotely, because Daria lives in Sochi. Composer easily made friends with the singer, who was constantly in touch, monitoring the process. The work on the future hit took more than one month. Throes of creation were not in vain – since its release on March 22, “talk to me” is holding steady in the top 15 of the Russian iTunes.

“Although primarily a musician, Alsu heard and where the sound of the voice and backing vocals, and participated in the process of creating the arrangements and details of the song. We were recording some parts of songs, changed the arrangement. We can say that Alsu has coproduzione this song musically. And this is a very high professional level, when an artist doesn’t just sings, and participates in the process of creating the track. By the way, the same attitude to work and Zara,” says Kuznetsov.

Interestingly, ten months ago, the author of the hit Alsou worked on the case, far from show business. “I’ve managed large shopping centers,” – says the composer. Previously, Daria graduated from journalism, and before that, she studied at the Gnesin music school for a vocalist. Knowledgeable people have convinced the student that the girl will not be able to achieve success as a music producer. A turning point for Kuznetsova was the birth of a child and going on maternity leave. “I did business for 13 years and suddenly realized that you no longer want. Then I decided to live closer to the sea, in Sochi. I returned to the fact of what is gone. I started again to write songs”, shared Daria.