Певица Алсу не может отказаться от нездоровой пищи
After the third birth, the singer Alsu immediately came into shape. The fans were amazed at how quickly the artist was able to shed pounds gained during pregnancy.

Певица Алсу не может отказаться от нездоровой пищи

Someone even “attributed to” Alsu surrogacy, and someone thinking about surgical procedures getting rid of excess weight.

But it was a lot easier. In a recent interview with Alsu admitted that he eats whatever he wants, eats completely on cereal and sandwiches with sausage, can eat and chips, and burgers. Slender shape it owes to parents, not the diet and surgeons:

“Thank you mom and dad for the genes”

– joyfully said Alsu.
So it is just a good envy those who have less favorable genes, to postpone these sandwiches and go to the gym.

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