Певца Александра Ревву обвинили в воровстве
44-year-old singer, Alexander Revva, acting under the pseudonym Arthur Pies, releasing one hit after another.

Певца Александра Ревву обвинили в воровстве

In may 2018, the network appeared the new Alexandra POS name of “Chica”.

It is because of this song REWE filed a claim Sochi artist Ruslan Kagarmanov, which assures that Pies blatantly stole the song.

During an interview at the festival “White nights” Alexander answered the charges Kagarmanova.

“There are people who want to get extra likes, comments and so on. I said that my popularity will be enough for all. Please, if anything, is the court. “Chica” is a song by Denis Kovalsky, a fantastic song.”

Alexander also said that he was familiar with the song Ruslana.

“People use the word “Chica.” And he claims that I stole that word. I’ll say this: I was sued about eighty thousand performers for the words “love”, “you”, for all the pronouns. Man, get in line, I’ll come to you”

– jokes Revva.

I wonder if the case comes to court?