Sinead O’connor went missing

Шинейд О’Коннор пропала без вести

Singer Sinead O’connor has gone missing, and police do not exclude that the artist will undertake a new attempt of suicide.
As militiamen report, Sinead left home on his motorcycle on Sunday near the first hour of the day, and since then never saw her again. Someone called the police and reported that she never returned after a trip, and now she is wanted.

After the last disappearance of O’connor, when she almost committed suicide, cops have every reason to worry about if she’s still alive at all at the moment. The last time it managed to save, but how lucky that this time?
Recall that in November last year, Sinead left a suicide note to his family and went to some hotel, where he was going to commit suicide because no one before her was not the case. It is unknown if its closer relationship with the children, but after a stay in a psychiatric hospital O’connor was allowed to go home. The singer has long been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, characterized by an abrupt change of mood, but as Sinead is complicated by the strained relationship with relatives. I hope, it will soon be found alive and unharmed.

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