Sinead O’connor is back in search

Шинейд О’Коннор снова в розыске

The Chicago police are again looking for a singer Sinead O’connor, and again after her threats to commit suicide.

Law enforcement in Chicago (Illinois) is looking for the famous Irish singer Sinead O’connorwho went missing after a tense telephone conversation with the relatives have promised to commit suicide.
As reported last night on NBC, the police received gentiruco from law enforcement authorities of Ireland approached by relatives of the artist. They argue that Sinead, which was last seen in Chicago last week, in a recent telephone conversation admitted that he is in a prolonged depression and does not want to live. The singer, who suffers from multiple mental disorders, had planned to commit suicide.
Recall that only in may of this year, O’connor was already looking for. The singer never came back from Cycling, and before that he wrote on his page in the social network a strange message. Neighbors became worried and appealed to the law enforcement. They found the artist a few days later in one of the motels. In November last year, Sinead O’connor also freaked everyone out, leaving a suicide note in which reported. I took a large dose of drugs. By the way, then it is also quickly detected, despite the fact that she checked into a Motel under an assumed name.
A native of Dublin, Sinead O’connor became famous in 1987, but the real success came to the singer after she performed the hit of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”. In 2003, she said that completing a career in music. For many years she is suffering from a mental illness, the cause, and, perhaps, the consequence of which is the strained relationship with his family. Two children of the singer practically did not communicate with her sick mother, and this only exacerbates her condition. I hope this time it will also have time to find it unharmed.

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