“Simple truth”: how did the stars of the show for 19 years

«Простые истины»: как изменились звезды сериала за 19 лет
In the TV movie debuted Danila Kozlovsky, Tatiana Arntgolts Olga Arntgolts, Maria Gorban, Vyacheslav Manucharov and other stars.

«Простые истины»: как изменились звезды сериала за 19 лет

“Simple truth”: how to look like the stars of the first national youth series in 19 years

Photo: stills from the TV series “Simple truth”

Russian youth TV series “Simple truth” of the film
“Sinebridzh”, telling about the everyday life of an ordinary Moscow school, was shot
directed by Yuri Belenky. It premiered in September 1999, at RTR, the film received huge
the number of positive reviews and has become incredible popular.

According to many viewers, the “Simple truth” is our response
the main youth superhit 90s “Helen and the boys”, in which there was a speech about studying, life and love of French students. Target audience domestic
the project was teenagers and they are in fact after school, raced home to the screens to follow the adventures of favorite characters, which were so like themselves.

For anybody not a secret that the 350-episode television series (all three seasons), which was filmed in Moscow school number 1240 and went on various TV channels almost four years, was for aspiring actors good place to start. Many of them later years became
recognized star of Russian cinema.

«Простые истины»: как изменились звезды сериала за 19 лет

Tatiana and Olga Arntgolts

Photo: still from the TV series “Simple truth”

In this youth Comedy in the role of a sixth-grade bully by Denis
Seliverstov debuted a 14-year-old Danila Kozlovsky.
In the cinema he came thanks to his mother, actress Hope
Zvenigorodsky, it was she who instilled son a love of art.

Students of the senior classes Katya and Masha Trofimov played the currently popular actress — sisters
Tatyana Arntgolts Olga Arntgolts, the son of a teacher of chemistry Eugene Smirnov —
Alexander Ilyin Jr. (now all well-known Intern Lobanov),
harmful teenager Ilya tsybina, Alexander Nesterov (Director and husband of Nona
Grishaeva), a high school senior Pasha Belkin — Vyacheslav Manucharov, beauty
Angelica Seliverstov — famous actress and singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya, the girl in the yellow sweater, Mariya Gorban, Maxim Yegorov, nicknamed “Grinders” (brand
very popular at the time shoes) — Vadim Utenkov, a student 11 “B” Artem
Tulaeva — Artem Semakin, who later played the role of Nikolai
Zorkin in the super popular series “Not born beautiful”.

«Простые истины»: как изменились звезды сериала за 19 лет

Not all young actors, starred in the TV series, in the future, has established a successful film career

Photo: still from the TV series “Simple truth”

However, not all starred in the TV series young actors
further career developed successfully. Soon or in a few years the cinema has left
the actress, who played the role of students 11 B: Anna Cymbalista (in the series — Lisa
Samusenko), Anastasia Kozlova (Pauline Starostina), Inna Aslian (Karina Gevorgyan) and Julia Troshina (Alice Arzhanov). In 2008, of the movie gone Michael Belenky,
played in the TV movie student Misha Yakovlev, and in 2010, after starring in the film
“The wood-grouse at cinema”, generaterow disappeared Yury Makeev —
starring schoolboy Andrew Dangalova.

Teaching staff of the school

Photo from archive “7D”

Teaching staff of the school
embodied actors: Boris Nevzorov (Director Boris Komarov),
Alexei Guskov (psychologist Igor L.), Olga Pogodina (chemistry teacher Olga
D. Borodin), Mikhail politseymako (teacher of astronomy, and then physics
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin), Evgeny Knyazev (school psychologist Pavel Sergeevich
Zimin), Olga Budina (English teacher Vera S. Markelov), Elena Molchenko (teacher Nina Andreevna Apraksin), Elena Melnikova (teacher Marina Leonidovna Ruzin), Anna isaykina
(teacher Yevgenia Motorina), Antonina Venediktova (chemistry teacher Yelena Pavlovna Smirnova) and others.

Since the premiere of the film “Easy
truth” has been more than 18 years. Here are the stars of the first Russian
youth series now.