Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Known in our country and abroad, a lyric by songwriter Simon Osiashvili, wrote the lyrics of popular songs: “my Dear old” Igor Saruhanov, “Winter garden” Alexei Glyzina etc. In behaviour, Honoured artist of the Russian Federation Simon Osiashvili is not even the slightest hint of star fever. Youthful, smart, he always liked women. First wife of Simon Osiashvili — a great singer Svetlana Lazareva.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Simon Osiashvili

Personal life Simon Osiashvili

First wife of Simon Osiashvili — Svetlana Lazarev was soloist VIA “Blue bird”. They lived together for 8 years. In this tandem were born the most popular hits of Simon Osiashvili and Svetlana Lazareva. And who knows, maybe this Alliance would exist to this day, if Simon wanted to have children. “If we had children, I would never have gone,” shares memories of Svetlana.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Svetlana Lazareva and Simon Osiashvili

With the poet and composer Simon Osiashvili Light met in the late eighties. Today Simon and Svetlana and live our lives. They do not support the relationship, but at the meeting, be sure to say Hello and talk. “We have Sveta all in the past, says Simon Osiashvili, the creative Union, which were before will be gone. All the best together we already did.”

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Svetlana Lazareva

Wife Of Simon Osiashvili — Tatiana

Parting with Svetlana Lazareva was given to the poet-songwriter is not easy. Tatiana Lukina became the second wife of Simon Osiashvili, you might say, brought him back to life. The ten years that the couple lived together, was for the poet the happiest. Tatiana always tried to be beside her husband at concerts, creative meetings, tours as a combat friend, was aware of all his Affairs.

Tatiana had an excellent education, however, she was married to Simon, has devoted her life to him only…. At 52 years old, after the death of his beloved wife Tatiana, Simone was devastated and depressed and became a recluse, and did not know how to live. Then the personal life of Simon Osiashvili has lost all meaning.

Third wife of Simon Osiashvili

It just so happens that the third wife of Simon Osiashvili Abramovich’s name is also Tatiana. After the death of his second wife, he lived for several months alone. But one day in the clinic Simon Abramovich met a nice woman, Tatiana, who by some mystical coincidence lived in the same area as that of his late wife. First, they struck up friendships, and then they began to live together.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Simon Osiashvili third wife Tatiana

Tatyana, an accountant by training, currently, however, she quit her job, retrained in his voice, and began to work with her husband. Tatiana ensures that during the concert, Simon Osiashvili, everything went according to the preplanned program, and music consistent with the requirements of the composer.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Photo: Simon Osiashvili and his wife in the Kremlin after the concert

Today, at 66, Simon Osiashvili (b. 04.12.1952) looks great, as evidenced by the photo on his official website. The poet himself explains that his wife is a supporter of healthy food. In his diet, mainly fish, sometimes Turkey meat. Food Tatiana often prepares steamed or baked in the oven. Besides, in the evenings they with his wife a lot. Fitness Honored artist of the Republic is not engaged, a gym and a pool not attend.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Page biography of Simon Osiashvili

Simon Osiashvili sure that luck is an important part of his success is because of talented people, far more than valid. Born and raised Abramovich Simon Osiashvili in Lviv (Ukraine). Ibid., becoming an engineer-mathematician, he worked at the computer center. The first song Simon — “Life” (Muz. Vladimir Migulya) in 1984 was performed by Sofia Rotaru. Since then, the songwriter has written more than five hundred of the singles, the performers of which were: the incomparable Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov and Masha Rasputina, and other famous singers.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Simon Osiashvili with Nikolai Baskov

In the Moscow literary Institute Osiashvili received the diploma of the writer in 1985 and began working with famous composers: David by Tukhmanov, Igor Krutoy, etc. Became hits, his song “a drop in the sea” (V. Dobrynin), “mother’s eyes” (E. kobyliansky), “All the flowers” (I. Krutoy). Since 1986, the gentle, lyrical singles Simon Osiashvili each year, according to tradition, will receive the award “song of the year”.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

Concert Simon Osiashvili in the Kremlin

Since 1993, the singer began performing solo concerts. His solo album, “Lay my head on his shoulder” is notable for the fact that all the songs in it are copyrighted in a unique performance of the Simon Osiashvili. Today he is a Member of the Union of writers of the capital. Simon Osiashvili Abramovich in 2014 became the laureate of the FSB, which noted his song “life Line”.

		Симон Осиашвили: жена, личная жизнь

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