Signs are not for them: why hide the babies no longer fashionable among the stars

Приметы не для них: почему скрывать младенцев больше не модно среди звезд Celebrities flaunt not only each step but also of newly born heirs. Pages of social networks are full of celebrity pictures with their favorite daughters and sons. It seems that popular artists don’t believe in omens.
Приметы не для них: почему скрывать младенцев больше не модно среди звезд

Artists film, stage and television often hide from the prying eyes of his personal life. In Vogue, the expression “Happiness loves silence”. However, when it comes to the replenishment of the family, the stars can’t resist not to show the world through social networks and the Internet are wonderful kids. “StarHit” decided to tell about those celebrities who ignore the signs and shows of a child almost from birth.

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

The star couple recently revealed son. And demonstrated the father’s pride is the head of the family. Maksim posted on Instagram a picture with a child, warning him covering his eyes with his hand. In spite of this, to see the boy’s face still managed.

Almost from the first days of life Plato appeared in the microblogging mother, Ksenia Sobchak. Remarkably, the presenter always build the frames so that none of the photos could not see the face of the heir.

Apparently, the star couple partly believe in omens. And adheres to the Golden mean: not to share your happiness with others is impossible, but just in case, better not to risk and not to show the face of the baby.

Anton and Yulia Belyaeva

The other day baby and showed the family of Belyaeva. That’s exactly who do not believe in any signs, so they can. The happy father took a picture of the wife and child immediately after the birth of a boy. And immediately hastened to share the joy with your subscribers. The proud new father told his fans and all parameters of the newborn.

Simon Antonych. Can Simon. Bec – 3680 Growth – 53. Born 24 hours. Healthy. Mom is also in order. I wrote him a lullaby and this resulted in the charity project”, – wrote Anton in “Instagram”.

The musician prepared for the birth of the baby and wrote a new song Undercover in his honor. The boy, apparently, Simeon called also the head of the family. Shortly before birth, the star was told that Julia wants to select a child an extravagant name, but he would prefer something simpler.

Theon Dolnikova and Maksim Shcheglov

The star of the musicals secret that is preparing to become a mother. Only in the later stages of pregnancy, the fans found out about her situation. Her partner, actor Maksim Shcheglov also not told that the expected completion. An increased level of secrecy parents kept also after the birth of first child.

The only celebrity mentioned in passing that she became a mother and thanked for the congratulations of their fans. But two months later, the young mother, apparently, realized that can not hide her overwhelming emotions and posted on Instagram the first photos.

Dolnikova admitted that to bring up a boy is not so difficult. Still, after the birth of the firstborn to visit a couple relatives came from Germany. Father, mother and brother of a celebrity to help care for the baby. So, as noted in one interview Theon, she Maxim even have time to go to the movies or take a walk. Thus, the actress has constantly stressed that only by becoming a mother, she understood what real harmony.

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

The famous singer and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov in April, a baby girl was born. Pauline became a mother for the second time. Shares a joyous event and post pictures from the hospital – not her style.

To tell about what the child’s height and weight, even to tell how called the child star did not want to. But after a couple of weeks after childbirth in her Instagram there is a touching photo, which celebrity is holding the envelope with the baby. The birth of an heiress star called “a magical event”.

Neobi4noe the name of the favourite star of the family became known recently. Husband celebrity Dmitry Iskhakov said that the girl was named MIA. Yet, despite the fact that the level of secrecy became less serious, Gagarin and now rarely shows baby. In the microblog Polina very few publications dedicated to his daughter.

Anastasia Stotskaya

The singer is in a state where and I want to brag and jinx scary. During pregnancy Stotsky openly and enthusiastically told me how preparing to become a mother, while carefully trying to hide a baby’s gender and name. His Anastasia, together with her husband Sergey came up long before the baby born.

Sometimes a star could spill the beans and give out their secrets. And after the birth of the successor, which was named Faith after her grandmother of the spouse of a celebrity. The singer, a day after childbirth, published in social networks a picture of a newborn, but the frame was blurred and consider the girl was impossible. A few days later the star again indulge fans with new photo. It Stotsky is pictured with mother and daughter. But the girl’s face caring Nastya put a collage of hearts. So the love to the heiress showed the face of an infant from the prying eyes of concealed.

And such a line of conduct Nastya holds to this day. Thumbing through her microblog, you can immediately understand – she’s a caring mother and is always there for your child. But the frames are made in such a way that to see the girl’s face is impossible.

Ksenia Borodina

The TV presenter and her husband Kurban Omarov, apparently, very sensitive to the signs. The youngest daughter Thea star was not shown for very long. Xenia, which is not a day goes by without a post in Instagram, are more than a year to hide the girl’s face.

General history publications photo youngest is more like some kind of game. In the first months after birth Borodin occasionally showed a baby, but always strictly from the back. When the child turned one year old TV presenter started home photo shoot with the two heirs, and showed the younger the baby in profile.

And the next step was the publication of the picture Thea nature in all its glory. Only then will the fans and got a look at Thea and you start to wonder, who does she look more like – mom or dad. The celebrities also has an older daughter, Mary. Ksenia loves their children and tries as much time to spend with them.

Ekaterina Klimova and Gela Meskhi, the daughter of Bella

The daughter of artists born in the fall of 2015. And only six months later his parents took his baby girl. It happened in the program “Evening Urgant”. And before that Gela and Catherine guarded the child from prying eyes.

The birthday of Bella when she was a year old, the actress proudly announced the younger daughter. Their older children, the actress does not hide. She tries to hold heirs more free time and pays serious attention to their education. Including, cultural. So, Catherine often goes with them to the theatres and published in the microblogging photos for fans.

A celebrity and have four children. The eldest daughter Elizabeth was born in marriage with her first husband, a goldsmith by Ilya Horoshilovym. From the second wife, the famous actor Igor Petrenko Ekaterina gave birth to two sons, Matthew and Corneille.

Elena Kuletskaya

The celebrity gave birth to a daughter a year ago. Apparently, motherhood is a very favorable effect on the model.

Not only is she not afraid to show the child around, but also likes to tell what changes faced by young moms. Kuletskaya gladly shared with subscribers microblog your photos, which said, as she quickly came into shape. The model is constantly training in the gym. Star loves to tell you about every step of his baby girl.

“While I’m trying to read a bedtime story, nick is studying anatomy. For me, of course. We try: otkovyryat teeth, see where the tongue, to pull out of the nose, to show where mom’s eyes. With eyes a different story… we find Them and show (picking) everything: toys, books, cards. Now that mom’s eyes it is necessary to show and poke. And my only going to twitch a nervous tick, as nick looked at me seriously, turned away and fell asleep. I hope the anatomical digression will not be part of our sleepy ritual” – shared Elena with his fans.

Elena heiress has already shown a penchant for drawing, for music and books that mom reads to her.

Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova

The composer and his wife often show pictures of his daughter. Photo and videos posted on social networks, you can understand how a teenage girl as she makes the first steps, is interested in what and how dressed.

But the girl’s face parents long concealed from prying eyes, building frames so that the child was visible from the side or rear. Recently Igor Nikolaev still gave the opportunity to fans to admire his younger heir. He released a video in Instagram that shows how he teaches her music. Dad and daughter sit at the same instrument, and the favourite star of the family tries to play the piano. Fans immediately reacted to the long-awaited photo. They said that the baby is addicted to the tunes.

Igor Nikolaev married to Julia for seven years. Veronica is the first joint child of the couple. Also the composer is the eldest daughter of Julia, which this year will celebrate 39 years.

Olga Kozachenko

The ex-wife of musician Olga very peculiar attitude to the demonstration of the baby. In March she gave birth to a child and literally a month later was actively post pictures of the newborn.

Приметы не для них: почему скрывать младенцев больше не модно среди звезд

But the former spouse she decided not to tell me that he had a baby. Perhaps the woman reported the good news through the social network. Then I wonder why she Kozachenko was very upset that the child’s father even congratulated her for both of them an important event. Interestingly, Olga, showing the child to the subscribers was held in secret the name and sex of the baby. The baby’s face mother carefully concealed over the template images in the form of hearts, Cupid and other cute drawings. Only recently it became known that Olga’s son and she gave him the name Philip.

Between Olga and her ex-lover Vadim Kazachenko, it is still tense debate. Now all the disputes the former husband and wife decide in court.