Sienna Miller talked about having sex with Ben Affleck

Сиенна Миллер рассказала о сексе с Беном Аффлеком

For Ben Affleck last couple of years were very fruitful. Hollywood star as an actor, Director and screenwriter involved in many projects, one of which was the film “Law night”.

“Law night” is a crime drama, which takes place in America since prohibition. The main character, the son of a policeman, made his money in bootlegging, with the result that he becomes involved in the life of the criminal world. The main role is played by Ben Affleck, and his colleagues on the project were El Fanning, Zoe Saldana and Sienna Miller.

It is the latter, the actress has decided to share with the press details of the working process and talked about how he made shooting sex scenes with Affleck.

According to Miller she was extremely embarrassed to be in bed with a man who thinks practically his brother. At the same time, she was dying from laughter when Ben “tried to show myself from the most advantageous side, because very much tried”.

According to Sienna, bed scenes in the movie enough, because in order not to prolong the pleasure, she offered to remove them all in one day. In the end, with Affleck in bed, she spent more than 9 hours.

“Ben and I are like brother and sister,’ says the actress. Because in that moment between us was a lot of awkwardness. We were constantly laughing about something, in General was not doing what you need. But it is worth noting that Ben is a great professional. At the end of the day I cried…I cried from laughter.”

By the way, the “Law of the night” — a project in which Ben took on the responsibilities of a Director and screenwriter.