Sienna Miller will become a mother again The paparazzi have “declassified” the star's pregnancy.

Sienna Miller is going to be a mom again 41-year-old British-American actress Sienna Miller and her chosen one, 26-year-old actor Ollie Green, spend their holidays in one of the most popular resorts in Spain – Ibiza. There, a couple who met about a year ago fell into the lenses of photographers – their pictures instantly became the main news about Sienna, because her rounded tummy is clearly visible in the frame.

Sienna Miller is going to be a mom again

Sienna Miller is going to be a mom again

Social media users comment on how great the star is in despite pregnancy. Interestingly, earlier in an interview, Sienna confessed her love for fast food and, in general, for high-calorie food. However, due to fears of weight gain, which has already happened to her more than once, the actress is forced to follow a diet and do yoga.
If for Green the future baby will be the first child, for Miller the child will be the second: Sienna has a 10-year-old daughter from a relationship with actor Tom Sturridge.

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