Sick Val Kilmer canceled all of his public appearances

Тяжело больной Вэл Килмер отменил все свои появления на публике
Friends of the actor fear that he is long.

Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer is seriously scared for their friends and
fans. For last month it already the third time cancels
your appearance at important events. Moreover, he is not shown not only on
official “gatherings”, have not seen him even his friends. Considering the fact
when he was last on today
the day came to meeting with fans in June of this year, he looked more than
no matter and spoke with great difficulty, the friends of the actor I am afraid that in his state
health has come sharp deterioration. And
if you keep in mind that Val is sick very seriously, you can fear the worst.

Rumors that actor Val Kilmer had cancer
distributed by Hollywood the last three years. First, the actor dramatically lost weight to
such an extent that it became almost unrecognizable, and then appeared in public with rubber
a tube connected to her throat. And later it was possible to consider a large
the scar on the neck of the artist is clearly from surgery.

Thus, until the summer of 2017, the actor categorically denied not
only the presence of cancer, but even the fact of having
the scene of the operation. Stealth Vela many explain his belonging to the sect
Christian science, which, among other things, prohibits
its adherents to resort to the services of surgeons. Even when a friend and colleague of Kilmer —
Michael Douglas said that, to his knowledge,
vel has throat cancer, the actor tried to convince everyone that this is not so. However, in June of this year, Kilmer still had to accept the fact
the presence of his terrible disease.