Sia vs Brezhnev: our quail Australian singer

Sia vs Брежнева: наша певица перепела австралийку

The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” star parodied his colleague.

On the Internet new entertainment – posted the commercials, which depict singing to the soundtrack of famous artists. Such mimics of the people even appeared a special Supplement –

A fashion trend was supported not only music lovers, but the stars. For example, the singer and wife of Konstantin Meladze, Vera Brezhnev, which regularly pleases fans of positive posts. For the movie she chose the song Cheap Thrills Australian singer Sia. The Faith is expressive and funny repeated movement of the girls from the video for this song.

The video became very popular and gathered a lot of comments. Fans of the singer was pleased with her experience, except that noted that for completeness of the image, it lacks the famous black-and-white wig, which Sia co-starred in the clip.

It only remains incomprehensible why Brezhneva need to repeat others ‘ songs, if the singer and the object to follow.

By the way, recently she released a new song “Number 1” and now fans are looking forward to the video as well. It is not excluded that very soon another celebrity will dare to record a video with the song there she.

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Videos posted Vera Brezhneva (@ververa) APR 6 2016 10:52 PDT

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