Shut your face! Husband divorced, seeing his wife without makeup

Закрой личико! Муж развелся, увидев жену без косметики

UAE residents were shocked by the sight of his missus without war paint.

Comical and sad at the same time the story occurred recently in the United Arab Emirates. The husband saw the true face, in the truest sense of the phrase, of his wife only six months after the wedding. What he saw startled him so much that he immediately decided to file for divorce.

The moment of truth came during a family vacation at one of the resorts in the country. Young people having a good time: sunbathing, swimming. However, with the worries and stress gentle waters of the Indian ocean washed away the girl all her beauty.

It turned out that eyelashes ladies are not your dear, and overhead, the incredible color of the eyes not more than the effect of the lenses. In addition, under a layer of makeup revealed traces of numerous and, apparently, not entirely successful plastic surgeries. Stunned husband could not stand the natural appearance and the couple filed divorce papers with the phrase “deceived by artificial beauty.”

It is not known what parts of the body of the wife he was so passionate about all these months, since you drew attention to your face just now. It is also unclear whether there is even the unfortunate wife in the harem to comfort her husband in such a difficult hour.