Shura reconciled with her mother after years of conflict

Шура помирился с матерью после многолетнего конфликта
The singer’s incredibly similar to his parent.

Photo: Instagram

Shura delighted her fans the great news: after years of conflict 43-year-old singer reconciled with her birth mother. Previously, he has repeatedly said that relations between them have ceased to develop when he was 9 years old. Then the future star first came to the orphanage. He claimed that the mother worked too much and was more busy with personal life, and not the children.

When Shura was an adult and known, mom and ceased to communicate with him. She has a new husband, with whom the singer didn’t work out. Svetlana made a choice in favor of the man she loved and went to live from Moscow to Novosibirsk. For a long time Shura didn’t even know where to find her. To find out he did it through television journalists who have learned the address.

And now, it looks like Shura and his mother managed to make peace. The singer has published in his personal blog, their photo sharing and signed:

“My mother, beautiful and kind! How fortunate that we are together again, and increasingly unable to see each other, love and appreciate each other!”

Fans of the star happy for the singer. But they also noted that they are very much similar. Especially Shura in his youth — to the many plastic surgeries, this is a copy of Svetlana Ivanovna.