Shura complained of loneliness

Шура пожаловался на одиночество The actor admitted that he lacks a loved one. According to the Shura, after touring, he returned to an empty apartment, where no one is waiting. However, he believes he will meet his love.

      Шура пожаловался на одиночество

      Star 90s Shura admits that he loves to tour. According to the artist, he can easily tolerate the constant moving and changing of hotels. The artist became the guest of the program “Five senses” with Anton Tishchenko. The program host asked the singer about his life, friends and loved ones. Shura explained that he lived alone, and the housekeeper only rarely comes to his apartment to clean up the mess.

      “I love your house. When I leave home, I kiss your flowers on the windowsill. At home, no one is, I have one,” said the star of the 90s.

      According to the artist, until he met his love. The celebrity claims that a fully vykladyvaetsya on stage, so until you can arrange a personal life.

      “There is no love… Heart is lonely, no time for that. I hope that will come when someone will knock at the door. I still look good” – said Shura.

      The singer said that he could even make friends with loneliness. With sadness in his voice Shura said that he still sometimes, I wish someone was there. For some time he lived with the dog, but he gave her friend Lizaveta, as I could not give the pet enough attention. “Want of spiritual warmth,” explained the artist.

      Shura spends free time with friends. According to him, they are always ready to help. Zaza Napoli, a friend of the singer, remembers that he has excellent culinary skills and is always trying to feed others. According to the artist, the singer is even willing to give money to relatives.

      Shura tries to resolve years of conflict with the mother

      Leading invited celebrities to answer questions that they send to the audience. “In a questionable relationship, you should never give a chance… If I went left, then they were bad in bed” – shared his point of view Shura.

      In the middle of the program, the artist sang songs that he associated with the concepts of love, fear, anger, loneliness, joy, passion. Among the compositions were the hits of Alla Pugacheva, Lolita the site and Lubov Uspenskaya, who loves more than one generation of listeners.