Прощеное воскресенье: как Михайлов, Борисова и Нюша встретили праздник Celebrity apologized to the family and went to Church. Forgiveness Sunday believers ask for forgiveness from the living and those who are no longer around. Orthodox star of show-business made it public. On their pages in social networks, they asked forgiveness from all whom I may have offended.

Maslenitsa, a week of pancakes and festivities traditionally ends is important for every believing Orthodox person day – forgiveness Sunday. To this day it is customary to ask forgiveness from the living and the dead, but also to forgive himself of his attackers and enemies, the day generally is meant for purification. Also recommend not only to repent before the people and God, but also to prepare for lent is to attend public worship, spend time with family and friends, to celebrate the last day of carnival.

Many stars of domestic show-business reverently honor the Orthodox tradition, celebrate holidays, pray in temples and fasting. And, of course, I apologize to many in forgiveness Sunday.

Singer Stas Mikhailov and his wife Inna – deeply religious people who celebrate all Orthodox holidays and often attend Church services. In this day together with the children went to Holy virgin protection Church to worship the Holy Matrona of Moscow. Inna posted a photo in Instagram and prayer.

Dana Borisova asked forgiveness of everyone, but primarily from his mother, which clashed in recent years, and the daughter, which can not yet be there every day.

“Hello, my darlings, I’m sorry for all the insults, pride, willfulness, and evil deeds committed! I especially ask forgiveness from beloved mother, beloved daughter, and you, Nikita Lushnikov, the unbelief and ingratitude. And I forgive You all! Many who can specify,” wrote Dana Borisova.

Among those who publicly on social networks pointed out this bright day, was Nyusha and her husband Igor Sivov. She has published a touching photo with her husband, signing it shortly “Today with the ones you love. Happy holiday to all!”. And he posted a poem by Boris Pasternak on the subject.

“Learn to forgive, pray for those who, overcome Evil with Holy ray goodness, Go without hesitation in the camp of forgiving, While burning Calvary’s dawn. Learn to forgive, when the soul is hurt, And his heart, like a bowl of bitter tears, And it seems that kindness is all scorched. Do you remember how forgiving people Christ…” – quoted poet husband Nyusha Igor Sivov.

About what awaits the believer tomorrow, reminded Yulia Peresild. The actress believes that lent is a good and difficult time. And wished the subscribers love.

“Morning, everyone! I’m sorry for everything. Good-bye! Learn to forgive. Learn to love. Love for no reason… people, friends, relatives. Learn to tolerate. For a long time. Post ahead of time… the awareness, understanding and preconceptions. A good and difficult time. Bright and ill. All strength, all Faith. All warm-heartedness, kindness. Humility. And Spring is coming… and waiting for Her exciting, magical. Confused. Today a lot. Somehow to collect them. And lead! Love one another!” – wrote Yulia Peresild.

Dima Bilan, being on tour in Ekaterinburg, admitted that the occasion reminded him of Mama. The singer wrote a message to fans in which he asked forgiveness and expressed hope for feedback.

If someone asks you for forgiveness on this day, it is customary to say “God will forgive and I forgive”.

“What do we have today? Forgiveness Sunday? I beg your forgiveness and hope to hear from you too, something the traditional right, accepted Orthodoxy in our country. With the holiday, Christians. Good that we have such a day! In the morning mother reminded, that you and I,” said Dima Bilan.

Actress Olga Kabo also marked the day poems. However, Anna Akhmatova wrote a poignant verse “I will grant forgiveness” on forgiveness Sunday, and at Easter in 1948. The poet did leave such a note in brackets.

“I will grant forgiveness And Resurrection of Christ betrayed Me in the forehead kiss, But not betrayed – mouth” – shared the quatrain of Anna Akhmatova, the actress Olga Kabo.

Many stars on this day were laconic. Olga Buzova wrote a short post: “with All the Orthodox holiday. Anyone offended, please forgive me!”.

And Ksenia Sobchak and has not become no one to ask for forgiveness, and just published a photo on which a presidential candidate like a halo over his head. “The perfect photo for Shrove Sunday!” – wrote Sobchak.