Showed Vitorgan Ksenia Sobchak with “detach the belly”

Виторган показал Ксению Собчак с «отстегнутым животом»
Husband TV presenter has published in microbore provocative the.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: @Instagram mvitorgan Maxim Vitorgan

Maxim Vitorgan in his hard laugh at the detractors of his beloved wife Ksenia Sobchak, which very soon will be the first time mother. The actor posted a photo of his wife, which was accompanied by a provocative signature. “The Artist Of The Surrogates. The picture of the “Belly unfastened”. Butter, bread, Wallpapers…” — wrote Maxim.

The fact that many detractors Sobchak believe that Ksenia is not actually bears a firstborn myself, and have used the services of a surrogate mother. Think they gave a strange metamorphosis that had occurred with her rounded stomach in early pregnancy.

It turned out that in a Network with the same periodicity appeared photos of Xenia that has grown a belly, then just disappeared. Most likely it was due to the fact that the presenter used the photoshop to for the first time to hide the pregnancy from unwanted attention. And it was the opposite.

Publication Vitorgan has caused a mixed reaction. Someone with him laughed, and someone took him seriously and began to discuss a vital subject.