Show “the Voice” shared the love with each other participants

Шоу «Голос» разделил влюбленных друг в друга участников

Today’s edition of the show put an end to the love affair between the team members Polina Gagarina singer Ronchi and Bazhany.

Recently, on the web rumors that the singer Ronchi (Novel Bahagian) and his teammate the Bajan (Olga Zhyvotkova) have real feelings. Pair it with an accent sang a duet, and the teammates lived together and because of doubt in their affair did not arise.

Today Ronchi and Bajan played the song “one Hundred steps back”, so how could sing just people loving each other. Alas, in the project the pair were destined to part, the position was eliminated.

Naturally the audience began to worry. Here’s the injustice! They met at the blind auditions, found each other and now the show, which mixed them, splits this beautiful couple. How could he look her in the eye after chose him and not her?

We decided to find out as Roman and Olga survive this crisis.

“The fact that we’re not a couple – surprised Roman correspondent for Woman’s Day. All what they write about us is not quite true. Olga is a young man, I have a girl that I like. It so happened that we with Olej do a week living together and at this time in the project the role of couples. Why? To play it on stage because the song we performed was similar to the song of people who want to be together but can’t. I believe that we have succeeded. Of course, to break up difficult for one simple reason – Olya and actually became very close as friends. I think the fact that she left the project, I was more upset than she Olga”.

According to Roman, despite the fact that she is no longer involved in the show, they continue to communicate. And that is the story of living together, which served as confirmation of the affair, in fact it was the very case when a friend came to help a friend.

“How would it not sound sad, it was only a working relationship, – said Roman Woman’s Day. When I went from Rostov to Moscow and did not know where to live, she said, “I Have a one bedroom apartment and one room is free, come to me, let us together to rehearse.” I accepted the invitation. And the fact that we were married, so it’s fun. And perhaps there is some truth to that, if you look at the emotions that we passed, singing his song. But ended the play, the actors went”.

Well, these guys really managed to convince us!