Show “Talk show” is back on the screens

Шоу «Говорим и показываем» может вернуться на экраны Discussing rumors about the revival of the project. According to informed sources, “Talk show” supposedly will change name and will become less provocative. Officially, these data have not been confirmed.
Шоу «Говорим и показываем» может вернуться на экраны

In the Network appeared rumors that the talk show “Talk show”, which came out on NTV for six years, has returned to the screens in the updated format. It is reported that the program will make it less controversial and provocative as it was before.

According to unconfirmed official data, leading program allegedly will be Vadim Takmenev, known to viewers thanks to the program “Central television” and children’s vocal contest “You’re super!”. The journalist prefers not to extend concerning a possible new destination.

If you believe the information that you discuss on the Internet, the name of the program you plan to change, and various options are under negotiation.

Шоу «Говорим и показываем» может вернуться на экраны

Representatives of NTV have so far refrained from comments concerning the restart of the popular TV show, so the audience can only guess how the rumors about the revival of the transmission of reality. Speech can go and about shooting the so-called pilot or trial editions of programs that may not be aired.

Allegedly, the restart project will be former employees of “Let them talk” and the “Central television”, reports the Telegram-channel “.”, dedicated to Russian media.

First rumors about the planned revival of “Talk show” in the evening Prime time appeared on the Network in mid-September. It was alleged that the program will supposedly run a new command, and the transmission format change. A few weeks later in the Internet appeared the first details that have not yet received official confirmation.

Recall that the closure of the talk show “Talk show”, which was moderated by Leonid Zakoshansky, it became known in April. Then the representatives of NTV have released an official statement which explained the reasons for this decision. It was reported that the work on the transmission was suspended due to a new positioning of the channel and changes its strategy aimed at “reducing aggressive and provocative content.”

The last episode aired on April 14. Instead of talk shows started to show the series “streets of broken lamps”, which promised to change the new transmission. Details of the upcoming project on NTV chose to keep secret.

Шоу «Говорим и показываем» может вернуться на экраны“More than five years with the program “Talk show” is a tremendous and interesting experience for me. But it’s time to move on, to evolve and create something new. Therefore, together with the company’s administration, we have decided that I am going to focus on other projects, which I hope will also resonate with our audience,” – said Leonid Zakoshansky.