Show Philip Kirkorov in Vilnius fell through

Шоу Филиппа Киркорова в Вильнюсе сорвалось The Belarusian customs too prolonged examination of the truck with the scenery of the concert program. Tour “I” was in jeopardy. Philip saddened by the incident.

      Шоу Филиппа Киркорова в Вильнюсе сорвалось

      This year Philip Kirkorov gave his many fans a gorgeous gift. A new program entitled “I” has surpassed all expectations of fans of the pop king. After the show died down in the Kremlin Palace, the famous singer went on tour, which he traditionally started in Minsk.

      The concert in the capital of Belarus was held at the highest level. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko handed over a magnificent bouquet to Philip and directed by Franco Dragone show. Next on the schedule Kirkorov waited in Vilnius. However, the show in this town was disrupted because of the actions of the Belarusian customs.

      “At night, tired after the concert, they kept us at the customs point “Kamenny Log” for more than an hour. Several times checked documents, asked to get out of the car, searched, and Sami smiled – here, Kirkorov “caught”. In the end, a tired team made it to Vilnius in the early morning. But, as it turned out, the nightmare has not ended, Philip told in his microblog. Four big trucks with clearance for the stage – led screens, light, scenery, all of it remained at the crossing point. Belarusian customs officers do not let the trucks with equipment. Until now! It’s been more than half a day. Rude drivers. Threaten. And ten thousand spectators in Vilnius tonight show “me”…

      Kirkorov expressed his sincere regret due to the fact that the date of the concert had to be moved one day. In addition, he hoped that this incident will not be left without attention of the authorities, and those responsible held accountable.

      “Belarus personally for me has always been the place where not just have a “warm reception”, where high and without pathetic phrases, it is possible to feel really at home, – said the artist. – I am grateful to all my fans and the President for the state award – the Order of Francysk Skaryna which is very expensive, but apparently of no high rank can’t overcome banal bureaucracy”.

      Hundreds of fans left words of support in comments to the message of the artist. “Sorry for the whole team and the audience, anticipating today’s concert! Hopefully this will be the only misunderstanding in the tour”, “love and miss You always and everywhere! All will be well,” they wrote.

      Video posted by Philip Kirkorov (@fkirkorov) Mar 23 2016 at 7:41 PDT

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