Шоу бизнес шокирован новостью о госпитализации Светланы Лободы

24 Oct 2018 Svetlana Loboda was hospitalized right during a rehearsal for her Grand performance. All persons of show business https://zelv.ru/shou-biznes/ present, including its chief Director, was at a loss for what happened to the young 36-year-old singer, who is clearly recently on what did not complain.

While rehearsing for another massive dance number, Svetlana Loboda abruptly felt a sharp pain in the abdomen, which, alas, could not cope and lost consciousness. It was impossible to imagine the bewilderment and shock of all those present in the hall, who could not immediately figure out what happened. But it was obvious that the singer collapsed on stage as if this was not a planned act.

Svetlana immediately called an ambulance, and the doctors hospitalized the singer straight from the rehearsal site. After a full examination of the actress in the hospital revealed that she was diagnosed with obstruction of the kidneys, and the condition on admission was assessed as moderate.

The whole show business immediately jumped after this news that the arrow pierced each and every one. After all, the singer always looks great, and her face had no health problems. And all the concerts had always gone according to plan, without any modifications. Now the same unpleasant incident spoiled all her plans.

  • “As it was”, according to singer

In his Instagram, in which the artist shares with his subscribers and glamorous social life were remarkable post and a photo from his hospital bed the singer. Here, the Svetlana has turned to its fans with the following message:

“Please remain calm and vigilant. In my case, I needed to decide and act immediately. The decision was made in just 3 minutes. But it was really the right one. Now after the operation my condition stabilized. I’m on the mend. A small bed now I just need. But with me everything is okay now. Please do not worry.”

All concerts that were scheduled in the near future, postponed to a later date. Although Svetlana Loboda in the evening after the operation was planning to stand up and continue the rehearsal. Of course, doctors from such undertaking dissuaded the singer and warned of bedrest. However, Svetlana did not lose heart, and pleases its subscribers with new photos in Instagram even in the hospital.

But anyway, even photos of the singer can be determined that Svetlana is now very sweet. Though kidney stones and managed to clean up, but the rehabilitation period is, apparently, painful.

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