“Shot up” the face added age to Irina Dubtsova

«Обколотое» лицо прибавило возраст Ирине Дубцовой
The singer entices fans to “beauty shots”.

Irina Dubtsova

Photo: @dubtsova_official Instagram Irina Dubtsova

Irina Dubtsova openly spoke to fans about what the procedure is at the beautician. The singer does not hide: it uses all available modern methods of dealing with their imperfections. After the birth she did have plastic surgeon breast shape. In addition, there are rumors that Irene had adjusted the shape of the nose. And about “beauty shots” and to not speak. The artist does not shy talking about how fights wrinkles.

“What is there to hide — I’m 35 ! Beauty shots generation “Sex in the city”. Stupid in our time to criticize those who do not neglect the modern achievements of medicine and cosmetology. Those who are “against”, I believe, just think that such methods of preservation of youth and beauty face and body can not afford them ! It is not so ! You can, of course, “smeared with cucumber” and wait for the magic of rejuvenation, I don’t mind fantasies and childhood love of fairy tales, but…” questioned Irene. The singer said that in recent times completed a course of injections of collagen, but fans have no doubt that 35-year-old Dubtsova before injecting Botox.

It is curious that the fans reacted very negatively to the recognition of their idol. Many people believe that because of the injections, the actress looks younger and older than his actual age. “Very much after these shots, you all look at each other and immediately visible tuning”, “Redrew themselves, and younger was not”, “Who can be against just against. And not because “can’t afford”. Now, natural persons in the minority and they will be fun?! At what here money?! I can’t believe not everyone wants to be a mummy?”, “Very different was the… been better,” write subscribers Irina.