Shot the neighbors in the Tver region the man taken into custody

Расстрелявший соседей в Тверской области мужчина заключен под стражу The investigation of the high-profile case. The investigative Committee has identified the suspect in the murder – it was them 45-the summer Muscovite Sergey Egorov. After a quarrel with his buddies at the cottage, he returned with a gun and opened fire.
Расстрелявший соседей в Тверской области мужчина заключен под стражу

In the night from the third to the fourth day of June in the village of Redkino, Tver region, shots were fired – in the end, nine people were shot dead.

Company truckers rested on Saturday evening the former head of the Association Tatyana Arkhipova about the birth of her granddaughter. However, late at night in between guests to have a fight – 45-summer Sergey Egorov began to assert that he served in the airborne. However, the audience only laughed at his words. As established Investigative Committee, the guests pushed Egorova from home and even threatened him with death if he showed up again in front of their eyes.

After that the man went to his station, took his gun “saiga” and is back to scare friends and demand an apology. According to investigators, the guests didn’t want to see Egorova. The man was intoxicated and began shooting in the direction of the buddies. Managed to save only 21-year-old girl who hid on the second floor of the house under a blanket and was able to call the police. Despite the fact that the man twice went through the house, he didn’t see her.

Расстрелявший соседей в Тверской области мужчина заключен под стражу

Law enforcement officers saw Egorov dragged the body into the house. There was a version that he intended to burn the building to cover their tracks. However, the police were able to detain Sergei at the time when he put the gun to the side. They found the bodies of only eight of the victims – ninth victim 30 years he managed to put in the trunk of a car. According to some reports, the man forced the victims to dig his hands on the ground for graves.

The investigation revealed that Sergei Egorov was born in Yaroslavl, but for a long time lived in Moscow. According to residents of the holiday village “50 years of October”, the man was there just recently and got a job as an electrician. According to one version, Egorov moved in with my 90 year old mother, however, according to other sources, the family came mostly on weekends.

Расстрелявший соседей в Тверской области мужчина заключен под стражу

As it turned out, Sergey Egorov have a weapons permit, but later it turned out that he had violated the requirements of storage. As reported by the Investigative Committee, informed the suspect had no problems with the law.

Now the man is detained for 90 days. He will undergo a series of examinations, including forensic psychiatric. A criminal case into the killing of nine people.