Shortly before hospitalization Stas Mikhailov was nearly killed

Незадолго до госпитализации Стас Михайлов едва не погиб Popular singer when the flight experienced severe stress. Aircraft team artist nearly collided with a large passenger. This circumstance, as well as climate change and intense tour schedule has affected the status of Stas Mikhailov.

      Незадолго до госпитализации Стас Михайлов едва не погиб

      The news of the hospitalization of popular artist Stas Mikhailov in earnest stir fans. Thousands of fans stars in suspense was waiting for news about his health. Soon it became known that the artist was all right. However, poor health could be caused not only by the fact that Mikhailov was working non-stop on tour, but the fact that eve has experienced a lot of stress. According to the Director of the artist, going on tour in Stavropol, the entire team nearly died. Sergey Kononov in paints told about those moments that they experienced on Board.

      “We flew so little and suddenly it began to fall unexpectedly. Then suddenly the candle went up and then again began to fall. We’ve almost said goodbye to each other, not knowing what was happening. That’s really fall, not just there is some sort of pit air. And when I came back, I asked the pilots what it was… he said He mixed up the controllers and were escorted into the hallway to meet us was a large passenger plane. And they just had to Dodge. Therefore, one stress, there, I think somehow also had a negative impact, because there we all broke off inside while we have all these somersaults done,” said the Director Stas Mikhailov Sergey Kononov.

      Now the musician has an active touring schedule. At all concerts the singer is trying to please the audience, and therefore does not regret neither forces, nor time for regular rehearsals. Moreover, Mikhailov holds the post, and, according to his wife Inna, and it could cause a sharp pressure jump at the favorite million. Ambulance staff are unable to normalize the status of the artist and decided on hospitalization. The concert, which was scheduled for this day moved.

      After timely assistance a threat to the health of Stas Mikhailov is over, and soon adored by hundreds of millions-the artist will continue the tour. According to the Director Mikhailov, stress, fatigue and change of climate could not fail to affect the status of the musician.

      “So he leads a healthy lifestyle. He runs every morning, plays sports, eats right and there was no sign. But experience has shown that no one is safe,” – said Kononov in an interview with “New radio”.

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