Shortly before his death, Alexei Batalov put an end to “holiday” scandal

Незадолго до смерти Алексей Баталов поставил точку в «дачном» скандале
The actor managed to win the acclaimed process.



Shortly before the death of Alexei Batalov Moscow court finally made a final decision in the case of the dacha Alexei Batalov-related lawsuit with a neighbor. He has issued over the cheating piece of land of people’s artist on two acres of land, and then built a bath. In an exclusive interview
the magazine “Seven days” Batalov shortly before his departure from life commented on the situation.

“Discuss this story
disgusting, — said Alexey Vladimirovich. I can only tell you that is partially to blame, that inadvertently
signed neighbor, as it turned out, any serious documents, I did not expect that the person with whom we live near, I try to cheat, but still so ridiculous. Not
would like to feel sorry for me in this regard, and especially did about this whole transfer, as it is happening now.
I don’t have these gears is irrelevant. Never went there and not going. Experts have sorted out, and justice is restored… Pity
I don’t need, with all that sends the fate, I used to do it by myself. I hate that about personal
events in our family cry on TV. Supposedly trying to help us, but to help
there could only lawyers we worked on it”. Now, according to the court, the bath roommate ordered to carry, and the land return to the rightful owners.

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