Съемки «Бегущего по лезвию» прекращены из-за трагедии на площадке

Shooting the sequel of “blade Runner” for some time tolerated, and all because of the accident that occurred at the site.

Bad mounted the scenery led to the fact that the construction worker was killed on the spot. The poor guy was crushed loose metal structure. It happened the day before, on 25 August in Budapest (Hungary). It is there now is the whole team.

What will now be delays in the work schedule, is not specified.

We will remind, the stars of the sequel “blade Runner” should be Jared Leto, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Batista and Harrison Ford, who will return to his role of Rick Deckard in the original film in 1982.

The idea of the new film are HAMPTON Fancher and Ridley Scott – the creators of the original “blade Runner”.

Initially, the”blade Runner” — a movie filmed by English Director Ridley Scott is based on a science fiction novel by Philip K. dick “do androids Dream elektroauto?” (1968).

The plot is a retired detective Rick Deckard restored again in the police Los Angeles search led by Roy Batty group of cyborgs who escape from the space colony to Earth.

The police believe that cyborgs are trying to meet Andolan Tyrell, the head of the Corporation that puts experiments on cybernetic intelligence. Rick Deckard is given the task to figure out the motives of the cyborg, and then destroy them.


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