Съемки сольного фильма о Бэтмене отложены

For a solo Batman movie like a curse. It seems that this project just aren’t meant to go on the big screens.

Earlier the catch the beginning of the film was family problems Ben Affleck, who was supposed to be a Director, writer and performer of the title role. Affleck later took the directing duties, and then refused the title role and left the project. Movie without Affleck, it was decided to slightly modify, i.e. it was necessary to correct the scenario.

All the preparation has been made anew. The Director was chosen by Matt Reeves. But the film was again postponed. Cause “freezing” of the project, not specified.

The fans assumed that the reason lies in the bene Offlce. Yesterday, the actor made a statement that he was treated for alcohol addiction and is ready to start a new life. Now there is a possibility that Affleck will return to the project “Batman” and yet put his hand to his creation.