Shooting a new season of “Posh” has caused a stir among fans

Съемки нового сезона «Мажора» вызвали ажиотаж среди фанатов The team began work in St. Petersburg. Fans of the acclaimed mnogoseriyki First channel was glad that soon will again see favorite characters on the screen and will be happy to follow the action-Packed drama.

In November last year viewers of channel saw the second part of the acclaimed series “Mazhor”. In the story the son of a wealthy businessman changes the values of life after beginning to work a night COP. Fans were eagerly waiting for the producers will begin filming the third part of loved by many mnogoseriyki.

The second of August was the first day of working on another “Major”. Actress Karina Razumovskaya, who performed one of the main roles in the series, was published in the microblog photo. The photo shows the plate on which the names of the film crew. Fans were happy that the producers decided not to delay the production of the new season. They have left rave reviews and was happy that she will soon be able to see on the screens of favorite characters.

“Hurrah! I look forward to! Good luck on the filming!”, “I hope, like all other seasons it will be very cool, interesting, fascinating and very cool!”, “I’m very happy! Thank you for such great news. You’re a wonderful actress”, “good Luck and great shooting to all who are working to show that the result went beyond all expectations!” – written by loyal fans.

The audience watched with interest not only for the action-line in the series, but also could not remain indifferent to the love story of the main character. They want to know how then will be the fate of all the characters.

It is worth noting that between filming the second and third season some time passed – a year and a half. The start of an exciting drama showed on the First channel in 2014. starring Paul Priluchny told “StarHit” the fact that many had doubts, whether will remove the subsequent history of the characters.

“Because of the rather long pause at some point I thought that the second season will be gone. Some immediately begin to write the sequel, and in this case everything was different. So the proposal to withdraw the following season was a surprise to all. I was pleased to return to this project, working in a fun,” recalled the actor.

However, in mid-March, the artist has published in the microblog picture taken during the discussion of the third season of “Major,” that gave fans hope for a speedy return of your favorite series. “C-2”: the relationship between actors, problems on the set and all that remained behind the scenes