Shocking wardrobe Rita Ora

Шокирующий гардероб Риты Ора

Шокирующий гардероб Риты Ора

Rita Ora was one of the London event dressed in a red dress with a high slit. The dress was so blatant that showed not only the gorgeous legs of Rita, but also put on display her underwear from Spanx.

Singer Rita Ora is famous for its extravagant selection of costumes and more than once fell under the attacks of critics for many years. And her new release again podbavit “fuel to the fire.” 28-year-old girl wearing a gorgeous red dress for the celebration Cartier
London, which was held in an interesting venue The Chiltern Firehouse. But this is only for those who are not familiar with Rita, might say that her outfit is too revealing, those who know her understand that she was still fucking covered. Since the dress had long sleeves, and the Board itself was of MIDI length. The sexuality of her image gave scandalously cut that started right from the waist of the dress and provided for display underwear star. And the gap in the area of the neckline was just floored by his frankness.

Шокирующий гардероб Риты Ора

But on the other hand, this time Rita was underwear, the same for her big break in the choice of wardrobe. The presence of underwear the celebrities showed specially, pushing the dress, pulling the edge of the skirt. She allegedly wanted the public to see their stunning red sparkly shoes. A good part of the panties from Spanx became visible, and when she slightly bent over, the slit in the upper part opened, and showed that there is about the underwear he forgot that it was her. A similar incident happened with RIT at the 2014 Met Gala, when she also allegedly tried to expose only the leg, but came out a little more. It was then a gorgeous dress with white tulle skirt. She pushed him back to pose for photos on the iconic staircase at the Met, and the result of this process showed the press and your panties.

It is worth Recalling that in November 2018 she was dressed in a simple but covered with pleats to the knee in the event Cartier Precious Cargo in Sydney, Australia. It is beautifully photographed on the red carpet, but when it was, a huge gust of wind blew
on her back, exposing her. And this is probably the only nudity in public, which didn’t happen on her initiative. Rita believes that in principle it is not necessary to cover what was given to us by mother nature.

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