Shocking facts from past participants “the battle of psychics”

Шокирующие факты из прошлого участников «Битвы экстрасенсов» September 23, kicked off the new season of paranormal show. Participants of “Battle of psychics” told “StarHit” when they first broke, and how that turned out. Some of them shared secrets and personal tragedies.
Шокирующие факты из прошлого участников «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Mystical show excites the minds of fans for ten years. Although many believe the project – is the setting, and some conduct research abilities of the mages. But again they came to test themselves and to help in hopeless cases, in which even the impotent law enforcement. “StarHit” publishes the unknown facts from the biography of debutants 18th season, which kicked off on 23 September on TNT.

That startled person filming the new season of “the battle of psychics”


Шокирующие факты из прошлого участников «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Russian witch from Portugal – the so-called Marina Zuev born in Volgograd. Almost 30 years ago, she met a Portuguese man named Fernando, who worked in Russia under contract. After the wedding, Marina moved to the beloved and had two children. “I realized that the other, after the death of a younger sister, – said Zuev. – I remember: 18 June celebrated my 10th anniversary, and the next day was not Tanya. She had a brain tumor. Night sister’s spirit came to me, and this was repeated a week. I told my mother, she took me by the hand and took him to the mental hospital. “If someone else ever tell that special will be here!” – threatened her.

Marina reacted calmly to the terrible words, because he felt that it was not her destiny. Once on the other continent, the fortune teller quickly acquired clientele. Later, the fame has reached Russia. Now Zueva helps and compatriots.


Шокирующие факты из прошлого участников «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Young people together with family lives in the village of Naumovka in Saratov region. Regional casting “the battle of psychics” Alexander sent a mom, being a longtime fan of the show.

“In our family, grandmother read cards, says Kininov. – Wanted to pass on the skill of the mother, but she refused. Then trained grandson. In the 11 years I played solitaire village girls to suitors. And then word of mouth did the trick. One day a woman came in who had lost the passport. The cards told not only how lost the document, but also where. After a couple of days back and he thanked me. I was shocked that he saw it right”

Alexander refers to extraordinary abilities as a hobby and does not take money. “I have a high school special education computer operator – continued participant in the “Battle of psychics”. – What worked: the Director of House of culture, and Secretary. Didn’t expect to pass the audition! I can predict what has already happened and what will happen. But in spirits and hobgoblins do not believe. Yes will forgive me colleagues.”


Шокирующие факты из прошлого участников «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Brother and sister from Alma-ATA to work together: Jean communicates with the souls of dead adults and is Given with the unborn children.

“When I was six years old, often passed by a neighbor’s home and warned him: “Uncle Sasha, you’re going to die,” recalls a psychic. “Well, once there will” – he smiled. But I insisted and showed heart. After a couple of months, uncle Sasha had a heart attack and he was gone”.

When Jean was ten, the death of his uncle. At the funeral, the boy decided to walk through the cemetery and fell into one of the graves. “Because of the floods the grave impounded, says Alibekov. – I do not remember how many had been unconscious but to rise I helped two people. Then I realized that they were spirits who only saw me.”

Unlike brother Dan adult learned about their abilities. “I work as a gynecologist, says the psychic. The profession was chosen because of mother’s friends, she is also a female doctor. Exactly Tatiana convinced the mother not to have an abortion when she was pregnant with me, and money for a second child was not. Oddities noticed, examining patients in the position suddenly began to hear children’s voices, and then to see their future.”


To participate in the project, a minor nick from Bashkiria had to obtain written permission from parents.

“I watch the show from the first season and wanted to get into it, – have shared with “StarHit” Nikita. – My grandmother on my mother’s side -the healer. I was helping her brew potions. With childhood seeing the world in a different way – not as peers. One day in school essay on dreams. Wrote from the bulldozer, I want an aquarium with fish. I came home, I saw her standing there. That’s my mind! A gift from my grandfather. However, on the abilities known only to a close. Once a friend asked me for advice in relation to one young lady, she was very fond of him. But I felt from a photo of her bad energy. It turned out that not in vain.”

To interpret the signs Nikita help keys, which he collects from childhood. Believes that they are guides to souls. “In the spring at the flea market bought an interesting instance, continues the magician. – The seller was surprised when I told the story of the key. I had a vision that once they discovered the car, which subsequently killed the couple. And the woman was pregnant. I was right”.

The tarragon, actress school: what we know about the participants of the casting of the new “Battle of psychics”