Shocking Alexey Panin in an interview with Andrey Malakhov

Эпатажный Алексей Панин в интервью с Андреем Малаховым The star of the movie “the Phantom” told the whole truth about the scandalous video. In an exclusive interview to Andrey Malakhov that was released on the Youtube channel malakhov007, the actor admitted that defiant behavior in the past. According to him, the movie, shocking Network, was filmed during a difficult stage in life.
Эпатажный Алексей Панин в интервью с Андреем Малаховым

Long gone are the days when fans were discussing the achievements of actor Alexey Panin: now the public is much more concerned with his defiant behavior. On the Internet recently surfaced video of erotic nature from the personal archive of a star. However, the participant scandal claims that this material was created as a joke.

In an exclusive interview, which appeared on the Youtube channel Andrei Malakhov, the actor openly said that the video was filmed a few years ago. At the time, he still abused alcohol.

“This video was shot a few years ago. In particular, the rather difficult period of my life. It was in Moscow, near my house. For fun my girlfriend wanted, so I went outside in my underwear”, – said Alexey and Andrey Malakhov.

Panin does not deny the existence of the video, but openly says that it is distasteful to him, and he doesn’t know how it got to the net. “Watch me its very very painful. I was in a bad state, it can be seen in the face,” – emphasizes the star.

According to the artist, his personal sexual preferences don’t have to touch anyone. People posted provocative videos, Panin referred to as scoundrels, because these frames are tarnished his reputation.

“I am ready to apologize to the people, to those whom it shocked. I have more questions to those bastards who put it, but to deny I won’t”, says the actor in an interview.

Panin chose not to answer the question about the difficulties encountered a few years ago. However, he stressed that now do not use. As the actor, his friend Andrey Kovalev helped him to overcome alcohol addiction.

“I try not to even raise your voice to control your emotions. I am proud that I was able to quickly come and go of bad habits,” shares with Malakhov star.

Alexei Panin was not the first time becomes the protagonist of a major scandal. Quite a long time actor sued for custody of daughter with ex-lover. Fashion model Yulia Odintsova accused ex-spouse inappropriate behavior, but the court still decided that nine year old Anna to live with her father. According to the actor, his daughter never saw him drunk. In Instagram stars often appear joint photo with the girl, and Panin does not get tired to say how he loves his heiress.

Daughter of Alexei Panin released a shocking message from mother

We will remind that earlier in the week there was a petition on one of the online resources where people called physicians to check out a famous actor to a psychiatrist.

“Alexey Panin has played in nine dozens of paintings, is the winner of the state prize. His acting talent is not in doubt. But the mental health of the artist seriously concerned”, – stated in the text of the document.

Journalists, concerned about the status of the artist, contacted a psychiatrist Igor Lazarev. According to the physician, the actor has no deviations. “All his actions – good acting. Being in the Studio with Panin, it is possible to see how it turns scandalous personality” – said the doctor.