Shirvindt has told about secret passion Mironov

Ширвиндт поведал о тайной страсти Миронова The actor was the guest of the program “word of honor”. Alexander Shirvindt spoke about the incredible love of his friend, Andrei Mironov, to fashion things. According to him, the star of “Diamond hand” is always the first one got branded outfits in Soviet times.
Ширвиндт поведал о тайной страсти Миронова

Alexander Shirvindt, Andrei Mironov and were friends since childhood, but after repeatedly played together in the movies and on the stage. The actor was very upset by the early death of a friend and repeatedly talked about his habits, character traits. Becoming the hero of the program “word of honor”, the actor told about secret passion of the stars of the Soviet screen.

“Mironov was a dandy, his clothing was a real passion. But in Soviet Union it was impossible to get. All the first that appeared in the country, it was Mironov. The first BMW was his. People went crazy when he rode it to the theater. And then, when the old blazers and jeans out of fashion, he gave them to me”, – said Alexander Medvedev.
Ширвиндт поведал о тайной страсти Миронова

According to become famous now he is not fashion conscious and wearing old clothes, because Mironov is no more, and that means new clothes nobody gives.

Few Soviet stars fans know that they were friends since childhood. Parents Shirvindt and Mironov were close to him, and soon future actors became buddies. Together they build a career, often acted on the stage, spent their free time in the summer cottage of Alexander Anatolyevich.

Talking with Yuri Nikolaev, Shirvindt remembered another funny incident associated with fashionable preferences Mironov.

“Once arrived in Moscow Robert De Niro. Andrew it was crazy and begged him to arrange a meeting with the actor. In the end, we went personally to meet with the Hollywood star. Dressed in the best suits, ties picked up. And here comes De Niro in torn t-shirt, old jeans and one Shoe,” the story of Alexander.

The actor does not deny that the death of Andrei Mironov became for him a big surprise. He is still with nostalgia and bright, sadly recalls the joint work and meetings with a friend.

Shirvindt now rarely attends social events. He spends all his free time in the summer cottage, where I held numerous meetings with friends. The main fascination of the actor remains fishing. Alexander admitted that disgust applies to hunting. He sincerely believes that animals, like people, should be treated with pity, as if the world around will become better.