Shia LaBeouf postponed their protest against trump in new Mexico

Шайя ЛаБаф перенес свой протест против Трампа в Нью-Мексико

Protest Hollywood actor Shia La Buff “He will not divide us”, covered in new York, now runs in the theater “El Rey” in the town of Albuquerque new Mexico.

Anti-presidential campaign started immediately after the election of a new President of the United States of America Donald trump. Its essence consisted in the fact that everyone could say a few words on camera, starting with the phrase “He won’t divide us”. This video is to be broadcast online before the end of the presidential term, i.e. several years.
Before the campaign, the star of “Transformers” presented as a performance from the Museum in new York, but due to frequent conflicts with passers-by share turned. The Museum Director was afraid that the anti-presidential campaign may affect the safety of visitors of the institution and its employees. 26 Jan La Bouff grappled with one of the fans of the Donald, and tore his sleeve. Despite the claims of eyewitnesses that shae was innocent and was just protecting the camera from the aggressive men, the actor had to visit the police station and then at all to find a new place for “submission”.
Shia accused the Museum administration that they bow and fawn before trump, and told reporters that from the beginning they did not help him with the organization and treated the project as a political rally, not installation-performance.