Shia LaBeouf played a secret wedding in Las Vegas

Шайя ЛаБаф сыграл тайную свадьбу в Лас-Вегасе
The actor vowed to his wife not to walk in the blue shoes in the rain.

Шайя ЛаБаф сыграл тайную свадьбу в Лас-Вегасе

As it became known, recently, actor Shia La BAF, not
attracting superfluous attention
married his girlfriend
actress MIA Goth. The wedding took place
in Las Vegas, Viva Wedding Chapel — the chapel
specializing in themed ceremonies. For her wedding, Shia chose
theme — Elvis Presley. So marriage
made with permissions Minister, dressed and made-up
by the King of pop. About it reported the Internet-the website

Before you proclaim LaBeouf and MIA husband
and wife, he helped the couple to say funny vows they composed
themselves. “MIA and Shia, do you promise to adopt or to adopt dogs to each other? Swear
if you are to walk in the rain in a light blue suede shoes? Promise that
will give each other a burning love? And also, always be gentle with each
other, like two Teddy bears?” — read the text handed to him “Elvis”. And
after receiving all the questions from the bride and groom in the affirmative, said
solemnly: “by the Power vested in me by the King (i.e. Elvis), I now pronounce you
husband and wife!” The amazing thing is that at this point, the Shia — Amateur
extravagant risky jokes, it is not prone to sentimentality, suddenly

We will remind that 30-year-old La Bouff, as, indeed,
and his 22-year-old wife, married for the first time. Before meeting with his
young wife Shia met with the actress
Carrie Mulligan, with whom he parted ways in October of 2010. MIA and Shia
met in 2013, when both participated in the filming of Lars von
Trier’s “Nymphomaniac: Part 2”. By the way, for a Goth, this film became her debut in
an actress. Prior to that, she had worked primarily in modeling
where her career was quite successful. So, currently, MIA is
the “face” of one of the fragrances from Prada.