Шайа Лабаф и Миа Гот разводятся после двух лет брака

Looking at the “special” nature of the 32-year-old Shia LaBeouf and amazing 24-year-old MIA Goth their short married life is not surprising. The star couple divorced after two years of marriage. Details and reasons for the termination were not reported, only a few words from the official representative.

Шайа Лабаф и Миа Гот разводятся после двух лет брака

“Shia and MIA filed for divorce. They parted friends, and other details relating to the divorce process, I don’t want to advertise,” according to an official source.

However, no one stops fans in the clerical reasons. Some report that Shia LaBeouf is Dating 30-year-old singer Waist Debrett Barnett, acting under the pseudonym FKA twigs.

Shia and MIA met on the set of the film Nymphomaniac (Nymphomaniac) by Lars von Trier in 2012 and 10 October 2016 were married in Las Vegas.

In fact, FKA twigs had an affair with Robert Pattinson. The actor, best known for playing vampire Edward in “Twilight” has long met with singer Waist Barnett, but he initiated their breakup.

Rumors that Robert and Waist, known by his stage name FKA Twigs are experiencing problems in the relationship before the breakup went more than one week, but the pair of them did not comment. The Western press has learned from insiders that the guys really ended the relationship, and the initiator was Pattinson.

In recent months they really started to deviate from each other, and spending less and less time. He’s tired of relationships, broke them, and told friends that they Waist parted. After so many years spent together, between them, of course, there are still strong feelings. Difficult time, but they both realize that can’t go through life as a couple. — said the source.

Fans didn’t just said that guys don’t date, because the Waist began to notice a wedding ring. Recently the actress was spotted in Ibiza in the company of a young man, with whom she acted in more than gently. The singer says it’s nothing serious she’s not with him and they are just friends.