Sherlock Holmes will be a dad for the second time!

Шерлок Холмс станет папой второй  раз!
Spouse Benedict Cumberbatch is expecting her second child.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie hunter


In the family the stars of the series “Sherlock Holmes” — Benedict
Cumberbatch is soon expected completion. This will be the second child
pair. Curiously, the firstborn of the actor is not even two years: the son of Benedict,
Christopher Carlton was born in June of 2015. Spouse Cumberbatch Sophie hunter, with whom he
appeared in Los Angeles at the premiere of “Doctor Strange”, looked perfect. It
just glowed with happiness and her elegant loose black dress helped
already started to hide rounded tummy.This was announced by the Internet site

Sophie and Benedict began Dating in the spring of 2013, and
a year and a half got engaged. About the engagement
they reported a slightly old-fashioned way: giving ad in the print edition
The Times. And the wedding of Benedict and his wife
played in Britain in February last year,
when the bride was already “in position”.

As reported by Benedict soon after the birth of her
firstborn, he doesn’t mind to get at least one more child. “It is
maybe we’ll have a whole bunch of boys!” said Cumberbatch. After all, as he admitted, he just enjoys being a father. “In my house there is a new form of life that just
the necessary assistance of the Pope, and the boy’s mother really needs my help. And I’m not looking
reasons to avoid it!”