Sher believes that turned into an old lady

Шер считает, что превратилась в старушку

The singer admitted that she is painful to look at myself in the mirror.

Maybe the figures in the passport cher and can already be counted among the old women – singer, after all, already 70 years old, but her appearance this status does not correspond to. The singer looks stunning! However, the artist herself does not think so and has openly stated dislike of yourself.

“I never liked cher. It may be good, but I’m not a big a fan of hers, – jokingly said the singer leading the Today Show Maria Shriver. I just don’t know how to accept his old age. Don’t want to do and maybe that is why I can’t. Look in the mirror, and it pains me to see as I got older. And do not understand what this old lady doing in place of my reflection”.

Cher has never hidden that in the pursuit of youth is not squeamish with injections and often to pay a visit to a plastic surgeon. The result, however, is beyond praise. The singer looks several decades younger. But the most important thing in his 70 years, cher continues to perform on stage, she is full of energy!

The following year, the artist will embark on a new tour Cher Classic, in which she will perform in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Washington and other American cities.

“I don’t want to end their speeches, they give me emotional support. Although I understand that this tour may be the last in my life. My voice is still strong and sounds good, I’m still active and fit in their costumes,” admitted cher in the same interview.