Shepelev is resting with his son in Greece

Шепелев отдыхает с сыном в Греции

The presenter shared photos from the sea, which shows how much we have grown Plato.

Once in the capital was really cool, Dmitry Shepelev decided together with his son Plato to go to the coast of Greece. He was in no hurry to tell exactly where enjoying in the summer, but Russians living in Greece, learned their homes and gave Dmitry.

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For several days, the broadcaster is actively sharing pictures from vacation, which thrilled his fans. Shepelev rarely indulges subscribers fresh photo of his son, so that all the first said that the boy tal is quite big, he’s three years old and he is becoming more and more like her mother Jeanne Friske.

“Copy moms”, “What a handsome talking about. The boy is very good and catching up fast. There’s someone”, “All the fathers engaged in the upbringing of their children. Dmitry is doing everything to ensure that the child saw the world. Jeanne also loved to travel,” exchanged views subscribers leading to instagram.

On vacation he only spends time on the beach, but also arranges son informative tour of the ancient ruins, ancient temples and other attractions. Dima really pays to Plato a very long time, often trying to carry it to the sea. For example, all summer, the boy lived with his nanny on European resorts. Dima all the time working, but when there was free time, raced to her son.

With regard to the conflict of Dmitry relatives Friske, nothing has changed there. Dima still does not allow Jeanne’s parents not only to participate in the education of her grandson, but to see him.