Шепелев прячет сына Фриске за границей Native Friske prove that Dmitry Shepelev is not the father of Plato. Broadcaster refuses to give the boy and took him to Belarus. The lawyers have sent complaints to the civil husband of the singer.
Шепелев прячет сына Фриске за границей

Only son of the singer, on 7 April will be five years. Jeanne dreamed of having a baby, but, alas, by his desire to enjoy motherhood did not. A terrible disease came between her and the baby. For the first anniversary of the son of the artist will be watching from heaven and you will see that talking about her looks, even laughs the same. Dmitry Shepelev claims that often tells the child about the mother which songs she sang how he loved to travel… But somehow, the birthday boy will meet without the parents and sister of Jeanne – his loving grandparents and aunts. Three years after the death of a child they met Plato a few times. And the fighting that raged around the child, become the property of the whole country. New details of the war are staggering. How to set up Plato against his family, so on one of the visits he asked: “Grandfather, where is the money?”

Шепелев прячет сына Фриске за границей

A single mother

What did not undertake family artist: pestered courts, guardianship authorities, the police, changed lawyers. But in vain, to communicate with heir often did not. “Our last meeting was last year – told the dad of the singer “StarHit”. – Immediately after the baby stopped responding to calls. And recently completely hid Petoskey in another country was taken in Belarus, in the private house of the parents near Minsk”.

Vladimir Ivanov and Olga had almost given up and resigned, until they came to lawyer and human rights activist Valentin perevoznik that gave them hope. “I have never believed, but she clearly explained – continues the Pope of the singer. – Turns out there are a number of laws, which up to the present time no one paid attention. I really hope that this time we will succeed and we will refund grandson.”

The lawyer made a formal complaint and sent it to Dmitry Shepelev.

“According to the Family code of the Russian Federation it is not the legitimate Pope of Plato, as it is not married with the singer – explains the lawyer “StarHit”. – After the baby is born it is officially recognized by the mother. To get the status of the father, Dmitry, together with Joan had to submit to the Registrar a statement of paternity, which never happened. So, he cannot be the guardian of the boy. In this case, only the child’s family are exclusively blood relatives of Jeanne, that is, grandparents and aunt Natasha, and which are required by law to educate the heir to 18 years and is of paramount priority right before every”.
Шепелев прячет сына Фриске за границей

The presenter himself made a name in the birth certificate of the child of Jeanne at the time of its receipt that the law qualifies as namesakes. “In my statement I pointed out that Shepelev had kidnapped and illegally held by Plato helpless because of his childhood, and is punishable under article 126, 125 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation – continues activist. We gave Dmitry three days to returned the child to his family.”

Шепелев прячет сына Фриске за границей

In collusion

The presenter responded immediately. “Recently got in touch and cleverly instead of returning the child to his family, offered to arrange a meeting with the grandson on the territory of Belarus, – said Vladimir Friske. – Apparently, he was afraid, realizing that we have every reason to take Plato”.

To return the boy to Russia Dmitry refused, then perevoznik sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General, the Commission on minors ‘ Affairs, and Konstantin Ernst, the head of the presenter. “We also asked the FSB and closed Plato travel abroad until the resolution of the merits with the transfer of the child to his family for adoption,” adds perevoznik.

Shepelev himself very cautious in his statements, often chooses to be limited to formal review of their lawyers. Valentine perevoznik assumes that the presenter simply does not clean the hands, and therefore remained silent, and the child uses for the benefit of: “Dmitri is the heir of Joan, because he is not her family, but, wishing to receive the inheritance, he uses it son of Plato, although the law no matter what can not claim. As with Rusfond elementary the intermediary collection and transfer of non-repayable donations from fans exclusively on the treatment of Jeanne, they not only transferred the full amount to the recipient, but also dared to falsify the case about misappropriation of donations of 20 million rubles, obviously belong solely to Joan, and after her death her heirs are free to dispose of them at its discretion. Although these 20 million only a small fraction of those amounts that are appropriated by the middlemen in collusion with private dollars/persons of the court. The marshals have already auctioned the property of the Friske family – they are part of a house jointly bought by Jeanne and Dmitry from the account of Joan the abuse of her trust. If you think about it, who needs only half? Sure they sell everything and the money Shepelev and Director of the Rusfond share, and donations. However, they can find justice. Donation was going solely on the name Joan for her treatment and if not her name, Rusfond never collected the money. After the death donation of fans, handed the singer a gift, is automatically inherited by the closest relatives. Consequently, the theft of the question, if only by intermediaries, but this will be the next story.”