Ирина Горбачева раскрыла секрет идеальной фигуры
The actress told what she should be in great shape.

Photo: Instagram

30-year-old star of film, theater and the Internet, she is in perfect physical shape. That the actress is not a single drop excess weight can make sure everyone who watches the movie “Arrhythmia”. In a very revealing scenes, Irina starred myself, and I must admit, she has almost no secrets from the audience.

To have the same perfect figure is a dream of many. And Gorbachev finally told that it needs to be done.

“As my grandma says, prepare sleighs in summer, and the body of life, — said Irina. — She’s 86 and she’s still warming up and hanging on the bar! And this woman is my biggest example and motivator! So I advise you not to overstrain your health and treat your body with respect all my life!”

Once again confirmed the truth: there are no miracles. In most cases, if the girl is “slightly over 30”, and her body is perfect, it means that she works hard on ourselves. Correctly powered and active in sports.

Despite these rules of life, that Gorbachev lives forever, and she had complexes. For example, she didn’t like its high growth — 192 see Order to hide it, the girl began to droop.

“The habit of stooping I have developed over the years, laughs Gorbachev. Long time I was ashamed of my growth, because I was the tallest girl in the class. Only 23 or 24 years old my height was like me, and I finally started to straighten shoulders”.