“She radiated an exceptional light”: relatives and colleagues remember Faith Glagoleva

«Она излучала исключительный свет»: близкие и коллеги вспоминают Веру Глаголеву The actress died at the age of 61 years. Loved ones and colleagues Glagoleva can’t believe what happened. Celebrities who have collaborated with Vera Vitalievna note that she was a very bright person and gives others a never-ending energy.
«Она излучала исключительный свет»: близкие и коллеги вспоминают Веру Глаголеву

Vera Glagoleva passed away at the age of 61 years. Many friends and colleagues of the actress is shocked by the news of her death. According to preliminary data, the woman died from cancer. Earlier media reported about the deterioration of her health, but the family denied this information.

The daughter of movie stars Anastasia Sumska left post on the page in social networks, which said goodbye to his beloved mother. Wife of Alexander Ovechkin posted one of the last photos of her. Vera Glagoleva went into the lead on the second day of daughter’s wedding

“Our favorite… Unique and the only… there are No words and no strength… you’re near and we sense it…” said Nastasia.

The eldest heir to the stars Anna nahapetova asked reporters not to disturb their family in this moment. In may, a woman claimed that Glagoleva everything is in order and not have to worry about her health. Daughter Vera Glagoleva commented on the rumors of the serious illness of mother

«Она излучала исключительный свет»: близкие и коллеги вспоминают Веру Глаголеву“We ask all media representatives to this tragic period of our life, to refrain from any comments and leave our family alone. If you truly loved our mother just pray novopaschenny servant of God the Faith,” the woman wrote on the personal page.

Son-in-law star of the series “Maroseyka 12”, Alexander Ovechkin can’t believe in the death of Tiffany. “Our favorite Vera Vitalevna. It is impossible to believe and realize! Love You and will always love!” – said the famous hockey player.

Faith Glagoleva buried in Russia

Colleagues Glagoleva was not aware that the woman was suffering from cancer and underwent long-term treatment. Many actors had to work with Vera Vitalevna. On pages in social networks, they remember what was the artist and I Express my condolences to her family.

Oksana Akinshina posted a picture from the movie “all About you” featuring Faith Vitalievna on the personal page in a social network. Signature to the frame Glagoleva in the image of Schoolgirls she left condolences to her family.

Catherine Arkharov, which met Glagoleva on the red carpet, can’t believe that a talented actress and gorgeous mother of three daughters no longer alive. “I’m in shock! As and all!” – wrote the actress.

“Today has left us a wonderful actress, Director and a very welcoming, kind people. She loved the movie, and the movie loved it… the Bright memory”, – said Director Yuri Grymov.

Maxim Galkin noted that Vera Vitalyevna was a very bright person and always charge the surrounding positive.

«Она излучала исключительный свет»: близкие и коллеги вспоминают Веру Глаголеву“Your inexhaustible energy and desire to live that you could so generously share with close and distant, we don’t have enough already now, as soon as you were gone. You gave us the joy of his films and just chatting and never charged us with their problems and ailments, and the even more unexpected was your care. But the heat of the sun, coming from you, it will warm us for a long time. Deep condolences from our family to all families of Faith,” wrote the actor on Twitter.

According to Joseph Kobzon, after retiring from life Glagoleva domestic arts has become much poorer. “I am very sorry that today is one great Actresses we have,” – said the singer.

In 1990, Vera Glagoleva made his debut as a film Director and played a major role – the actress Olga. Honoured artist of Russia Igor zolotovitski also participated in the filming. The film “Broken light” talked about the fate of creative people in the USSR in the late 80s. due to rights issues, the picture did not come out in wide release. The actor shared his memories with “StarHit”.

“It was her first job, everything is so like a beautiful dream. Gathered a team of friends, together we all wrote what refused. It was such a naive experience, but naive with a “plus” – there are so many pragmatists. Then we make for themselves and about themselves, a wonderful story about actors, – said the rector of School-studios of MKHAT. Vera was a wonderful, wonderful man, absolutely devoted to the profession. I am very sad to hear today’s news. And as she boldly moved from one profession to another. And indeed, there is already the concept of “Vera Glagoleva,” we immediately understand what kind of personality that people are talking about. A whole generation of girls wanted to be like her. I want my pupils like devotion, profession, sincerity. Now so lacking in sincerity and the desire to tell people.”

Comedy actress Lena Borschev mourns the Vera Vitalevna. “So sorry, died, Vera Glagoleva,” wrote a woman in a social network, uploading a black-and-white photo.

In may this year, the famous Director has finished work on the painting “Clay pit”. Dmitry Krivocheev, who starred in the film Glagoleva, shared with “StarHit” the memories of a colleague.

“Faith V. man, with a very strong and youthful energy. I didn’t know on the set, how old is she, and when he learned that 61, I was amazed. We are used to seeing grandmothers in this age, but she looks beautiful and when I talk, the feeling that you communicate with peers. She listened to all the actor suggestions, given to try to show how I want to do, and then corrected, and said: “Cool!” It was very pleasant to work with. I can’t believe this strong man was not”, – said Dmitry.

Mikhail Boyarsky, who worked with the deceased artist on the series “the waiting Room”, reminded of her talents.

“Meeting her was very pleasant, because working with a partner is pleasure. It is very soft, thin man, and at the same time she had such a wonderful core of consummate professional as an actress and future film Director” – speaks of Glagoleva Mikhail Boyarsky.
«Она излучала исключительный свет»: близкие и коллеги вспоминают Веру Глаголеву

Sergei Yushkevich played the role of Ignatius Chepelskogo in the film Glagoleva “Two women”. This picture was released in 2014. Vera Vitalyevna was brought in as a Director, screenwriter and producer.

“Faith was very bright and happy person. The light and happiness she gave to all around her. On the set of “Two women” we have lived a month in a village in Smolensk region. I know many positive people, but she radiated some exceptional the light. When I saw her with her daughters, who came to the set, she seemed not a mother, but a fourth sister, they were like four girls. Very bright. Enjoyed everything – the rain, the sun… – said the man “StarHit”. – I was shocked by the sad news, I can’t get over it. Faith like a stole, she stole from us. We met seven months ago. I never would have thought that for a long time she struggled with the disease, Faith is by nature a fighter. She often came to theaters not just to hang out, and enjoy this atmosphere. Not often you see a filmmaker in the audience. She was a fantastic actress, she was interested in the work of others. She was an exceptional talent.”

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky mentioned the talent and charm of Glagoleva. “Faith V. had outstanding personal and professional qualities, was a man of rare charm and beauty. A really popular artist. Millions of people in our country admired her inimitable, bright, always sincere game”, – stated in the message Department.

The film and theater Director Dmitry Astrakhan mourns the artist and notes that her characters caused the audience positive emotions.

“This is terrible news, of course. I want to Express my condolences to all the family and friends. Faith as a creative person took place and many did. It is terrible that so suddenly ended the life, in full vigor and capability,” said the man.

Singer Natalia Shturm has dedicated a touching post Vera Vitalevna.

“So suddenly and irretrievably gone people, leaving us with a dumb question: “How so?” But more recently Vera Glagoleva, a happy marriage of the daughter, danced at her wedding. The head does not fit such a treacherous fate. Strong, very strong, a woman who, it appears, was of flesh and blood. This is our time is running out. Do not waste your on empty. We all walk under God,” wrote the singer.

In the 2000s, year Vera Glagoleva starred in the detective series “Maroseyka, 12”. The audience loved the picture not only because the story is based on real cases and documents of the Federal tax police service, but also for the brilliant acting. The main role in the film was played by Alexander Samoilenko. He said “StarHit” what I felt on the set, being with a famous actress.

“She was a gentle touching man, with a hard and powerful inside. I first time I shot with her, Faith was even more timidly approached – she felt powerful, and she’s actually touching. Today I was in contact with Maxim Sukhanov, our mutual friend and I discussed this a huge loss – said Samoilenko. I have followed her progress. “Two women” – a great movie”.

Colleague Glagolevoj Elena Proklova notes that talking with a woman in 2016.

“The last time I saw Vera at the film festival last year, – said Elena with “StarHit”. With her so much is our youth, the shooting of “the Last hero”… I’m in shock. Of course, the rumors that she’s sick, went a long time, but Faith have not confirmed. She was such a person, about whom they say, a thing in itself”.

Alexander Buinov claims that he Glagoleva will remain “bright, clean, cheerful, witty girl.”

“How unfair life is. You protected us, never spoke about their diseases, just laughed heartily. Death always comes unexpected, but with you, she obviously rushed. Sleep, my darling, in peace, we will not forget the beautiful actress, Director, loving mother. Mourn sincerely, mourn together. What a terrible August,” the singer wrote on the page on the social network.

Larisa Guzeeva, who has collaborated with Glagoleva, posted a rare frame with the actress. “Goodbye, my girl,” said the presenter in the caption to the picture.

Egor Beroev, Anastasia Makeeva, Teona Dolnikova, Alexander Oleshko, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Kirill Safonov, Olga Orlova, Victoria Isakov, and many other colleagues noted that the Russian film industry will miss such a talented artist. Alexander Kott, who worked with Glagoleva on the painting “Noah’s leaving”, I could not find the words, so upset that stars is no more.